Guess who came to my (pity) party? (And told me to STOP IT!)

I have had a very challenging week, esp. at school.  I am not at liberty to discuss it all and basically, it just doesn’t matter.  Because of the challenges, I have lost much needed sleep to keep up with my 180 mph pace I have going.  Last night I was able to receive peace about the whole ordeal and my attitude instantly changed.  I am ever so grateful for the way the Lord changes my heart.  So, this morning when I rolled out of bed at 6:09 (9 minutes tardy), I was exhausted but ready to take on the day. 

Key word being “I”.

Mistake number one:  Trying to avoid dressing up for Rodeo Day.  What made me think my girls would forget about a special dress up day?!!?  Haven’t I been their mother long enough!?!  So there I was with wet hair and no makeup, digging thru closets searching for cowgirlish things.  The time was 6:47.  We leave at 7:05. 

Mistake number two: Attempting to throw dinner in the slow cooker for our guests this evening.  That took 14 minutes of my time.

Mistake number three:  Not turning on the coffee pot. 

Mistake number four:  Giving into Little Miss’ begging to take a shower at 6:26am.  Braiding wet curly hair before 7am is scary!

Mistake number five:  Suggesting Veggie Tales CD for carpool this morning.  It certainly woke up my nerves. 

Mistake number six:  Failing to fill up the car with gas yesterday.  Another 8 minutes behind now.

Mistake number seven:  Carrying on a conversation with a heavily tatooed man at the gas station while pumping gas.

Mistake number eight:  Actually, I made this mistake yesterday but suffered the consequences this morning – not writing the morning message or setting out morning work for my students.  When I arrived at school, it all had to be done.  Little Miss was clingy and demanded my attention this morning.  Spending five minutes dealing with her put us at the bell ringing.  Nothing done! 

Mistake number nine:  Blowing my son’s incident in the courtyard out of proportion.  He evidently was rough housing and he was the one who ended up pushing a kid down.  Uuugh!  I was not happy with him nor did I have the time to deal with that.  One of my little ones walked by at that point crying a bucket of tears.  I wanted to join her.

Mistake number ten:  Not being told (I did not have a lot to do with this one) before the bell rang that I needed to rearrange desks to prepare for a new schedule of support teachers in my classroom.  So on top of all the other chaos, we were moving desks while sleepy-eyed six year olds wandered around the room.

Mistake number eleven:  Not running out the door, crying.  Did I mention that I was running on very little sleep?  I wanted to grab that little weepy one and take her with me and just cry.  It could be a party.  A great big pity party.

Mistake number twelve:  NOT TAKING THE TIME TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT MY GOD WILL SUPPLY IT ALL!  I refused to invite Him into my day.

My FIRST SMART CHOICE of the day:  Not running out the door crying.  I was about to hand my class over to my co-teacher and lock myself in a stall and bawl like a mad baby.  As I started to ask the support teacher to take over while I hid, I said, “I think we will do the pledges then I might need to wash my face and get myself together!”  So we did our pledge routines.  American flag first and “God Bless America” then the Christian flag and “My All in All.”  That is when I finally cried.  The children were singing and signing the words with innocent and sincere hearts.  I truly felt a little something on my shoulder.  Like I was being pulled back, forced not to move forward, to just stand and bask in the Lord’s presence. 

The song ended and there I continued to stand.  The other teacher looked at me and said, “Wow.”  My sentiments exactly!!!

We pledged to the Bible, prayed, and sat in our seats. 

I explained to the students that sometimes when we (esp. me) are having a bad day, sometimes the solution is to simply STOP and call on Jesus.  Not sure if they truly grasped what happened in my heart but our Bible lesson was phenomenal!  Absolutely anointed by God. 

A spring in my step and a song in my heart.

Good thing I felt that way because the day had just begun.  Oh, the fires that needed to be extinguished this afternoon!  The 4 meltdowns, 2 major scares, two kids going home with foul tummies, major computer issues during keyboarding, kids falling apart after school, etc, etc, . . . did not seem quite so bad.

Good thing my God decided not to leave me. 

I am pleased that I finally decided to invite him to my party called life.

What a clever idea.



  1. Posted September 12, 2008 at 8:23 am | Permalink

    Great post! And I need this today!

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  3. Sheli
    Posted September 12, 2008 at 10:38 pm | Permalink

    thanks cyn

  4. Posted September 18, 2008 at 8:28 am | Permalink

    He is an awesome guest! Especially when I’ve been revelling in my pity mode and really don’t want to end the party . . .

  5. Posted September 18, 2008 at 6:28 pm | Permalink

    Oh…so been there. Wow. You really hit the feeling of ‘woah is me’ all morning until BAM…it hits ya. I can relate adn really appreciated this!

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