5 Minute Marvels (Episode 6)

It has been ages since I shared a five minute marvel.  To be honest, I have not been so diligent in seeking and/or focusing on those special moments I have with my family. 

As I was making baked oatmeal a few minutes ago (for the morning), I started to think that I needed to make a thankful list.  That is how I want to start out this new week – being thankful. 

So what better ways to be grateful than those little acts that seem so miniscule at the time?!?! 

A few things from this past weekend that has made me marvel over what God has given me:

1.  I scrubbed my master bedroom.  I cleared out all the clutter and sneezed away all the dust.  Really, I sneezed it all away.  Of course it made me feel better instantly (after I stopped sneezing) but I was tickled when the husband walked into the room a few minutes ago and went on and on about how nice it was.  It really wasn’t that bad to begin with but I think my effort and the complete lack of clutter and dust bunnies made my husband feel important, that our room was special and I took the time to tend to it (it is always the last to be cleaned).

2.  Conversation with my children on the way to church this morning was a blessing to me.  The husband heads out at dark thirty hour to set up the church so I am in the ministry of getting all out of the house tearless (that is quite the feat).  Typically, I am a bit on the stressed side and crank up the music and ignore all wails from the back.  But not today.  We had a very DEEP conversation about asking Jesus into your heart and what that all means.  It was very interesting to hear my 10 year old explain to the six year old what heaven will be like.  Oh I wished for a tape recorder.  The Lord is molding those hearts and I could not be happier.

3.  Making pumpkin bread.  The smell of the bread throughout the house did something to the fam.  I surely was praised for my act.  I love serving my family, esp. with healthy new recipes! 

4.  I plopped on the bed with my 8 year old this afternoon and scratched her back.  Her response was oddly similar to that of a cat.  It was clear she was indeed content.  She was so stinkin cute telling me where to scratch.  I guess it could be deemed as demanding but I was viewing it as a precious time with my middle child.

5.  I said yes to the whole neighborhood coming inside the house to play.  I don’t usually prefer this but I decided that I was not going to spend Sundays being stressed about the upcoming week.  The children did great and I used that time to really clean the bedroom.

What about you?  What teeny, seemingly unimportant task did you tend to this weekend that made a difference?  After all, our goal should be to maximize every moment with these precious people God has given us.  For me, taking the time to ponder AND blog about them makes me more thankful AND happier.


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  1. Posted September 18, 2008 at 8:26 am | Permalink

    Sounds like a marvelous weekend! I love the idea of looking for marvels in the simple things . . .

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