I am back from my bloggy sabbatical

You didn’t even know I took a sabbatical, did you? 

Neither did I. 

I have kept saying, “I don’t need to post tonight because I posted just yesterday.”  Well, apparently I had 5 yesterdays this week.  Even if I did somehow realize that I hadn’t posted in DAYS, my time has been limited and my brain fried. 

For those 2 of you who really like to know the scoop, I will share a few uninhibited thoughts.

-Congrats to my friend, Kelly, on giving birth to the cutest little face I have ever seen.  That little guy really does have the sweetest shaped face and greatest coloring. 

-Before stopping by the hospital, we had ballroom dancing.  It was our fourth time to go and we are still loving it.  Still not ready for the big gala in 5 weeks at a fancy schmancy place, but we are definitey learning. 

-I had a better week at school.  Still struggling on the homefront, balancing teaching and being a mom (and wife).

-My husband splurged and paid for me to have a personal trainer.  I am THRILLED!  Of course we can’t pay the mortagage but by golly, I will be buff!  🙂

-The Lad woke up several times last night breathless.  He started freaking out that he couldn’t breathe and that made matters worse.  He started to hyperventilate.  We tried everything we knew – even took him out into the night air to help open up his airways.  He continued to freak out so the neighbors surely called CPS on us at midnight. 

-Due to the freaked out sick child, I was dragging all day.  Took a 6 minute snooze on the couch that only made me grumpier.

-I have thought of 4 great things to post about but there is no way I can even attempt that tonight.  One being the analogy of dancing and marriage.  Gotcha wondering?!??!! 

-I have been looking forward to my annual scrapbooking retreat coming up in two weeks, but found out tonight that we just can’t pull it off.  Bummer.  The way our new school year has gone, I surely do not need nor deserve that break. 

That is it.  Nothing else in the noggin.

I am certain there is more up in the brain but for once in my life, I am of little words.  My friend likes to remind me that I am one with many words.  I take that as a compliment.  Thanks, Tiff.  I do have many words but the “gift of gab” probably fits me better.  Just because the noggin is empty doesn’t mean I can’t produce gab. 

There ya go….

Are you wishing I really did take a sabbatical?


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  1. Kelly
    Posted September 22, 2008 at 6:55 pm | Permalink

    yes I must agree with you …. he is the cutest baby.

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