From the mouths of the monkeys

My 18 little monkeys sure have been monkeying around a lot lately.  I haven’t shared much about teaching this year so after two funnies today, I thought it was time.

During lunch (that I had to stay and be the enforcer since yesterday was an out of control day), one of the high school teachers was eating lunch with her grandson (a kindergartner).  She had the little guy helping her carry things out of the building when one of my more inquisitive fellows announced, “I thought child labor was against the law.”

The same little gal who slapped her take-home reader on my desk a few weeks ago and declared, “This was a piece of cake,” put the reading recovery teacher in her place today.  I walked by and heard many praises about her reading.  I went over, hugged her, and told her how well she was reading.  “Well, what do you expect?  I only read with her like every day!!!”  Well, excuse me!

I have yet to find the page number of our selected story on the table of continents.  One day they might realize that it is actually called the Table of Contents.

You should hear the six year olds say Johann Sebastian Bach.  Priceless.  I will make them classical music lovers for sure. 

My absolute FAVORITE part of everyday is singing and signing “All and All” with those little ones.  A day has not gone by that I have not been deeply touched by their precious voices and innocence in worship.  I LOVE IT!


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