Tiny Talk Tuesday #7


Tonight at supper, Little Miss started to go into great detail about her digestive system.  She was doing a pretty good job explaining the process but we were a bit confused when she kept repeating that “I have insects that help me get the food down.”  I am pretty sure she was referring to her instincts to swallow the food.  At least I hope so. 

This weekend the husband accidently bumped into Little Miss.  She ran into the wall and exclaimed, “Great, Dad!  Now you made me get another freckle.” 

Speaking of little people, here are some pics of the little people in our house.  This reading as a threesome is very rare so I just had to share…

Have I mentioned my two bathing beauties?  Not only do they prefer bath by candlelight, they also enjoy lounging in robes and towels gently wrapped around their cute little heads.

The husband took the children to OUR GREAT STATE FAIR on Friday while I was at my retreat.  I am VERY pleased with the husband for taking more pics for me to scrapbook.  He is really getting good at remembering to take photos.  I have trained him well!  Thought I would share just a few from their day.

This?  This is VERY typical of our youngest.  That look informs you that she was in a mood.  And of course that mood changed the moment the pic was snapped.

The Lad will at least cooperate a bit in a sibling photo but you won’t catch him smiling.

But Daddy did catch this.  Do you see it?  Do you? Do you?  I spotted it immediately.   

The arm.  The sister.  Do you feel the love?  I need to wipe my tear now.

This was one of the dancing dogs.  All three of them LOVED it, even the Lad.  Our Little Miss shares the same name with this canine.  She was tickled pink by that fact. 

Thanks for humoring me and enjoying my children.  🙂 

I am rather fond of them.  Can you tell?


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