I am still here

Well, mentally, that is debatable.

Not a lot going on in the brain tonight besides figuring out what in the world to tell 18 sets of parents during parent-teacher conferences this week. 

I feel led to share a few thing of utmost importance with you about the last few days.  Please brace yourself.

The Lad was puny last night and ran a bit of a fever.  He woke feeling so-so but I loaded him up with the rest of us and sent him off to class.  That lasted until 8:55am.  My mom so graciously drove all the way (30 minutes) to fetch the sickling.  I am pretty sure the kid enjoyed watching cable tv on a school day.  Next time this happens, he will have to go to work with daddy and be bored to tears.  He is now feeling better but still a bit on the weak side without much of an appetite (which is a sure sign that he does not feel tip top). 

I am working overtime this week (with no pay, thank you) and probably next week too trying to fit in all the conferences.  I had several scheduled for Friday but was told today that I need to attend a reading program workshop ALL day on Friday.  I am very happy about the opportunity to learn something new but am not too pleased with using my one day off to do so.  Good thing I love my job. 

The husband and I had a treat this weekend.  My mom kept the kids overnight so we went to the movies to see Fireproof, which I highly recommend.  I actually saw it with a friend a few weeks ago but felt guilty that I wasn’t holding my man’s hand.  My friend and I both feared we would slip our hands into each others and look like … well, let’s just say we needed to take our men!!!  After our movie date the husband and I grabbed chinese food at 9:45 pm, took it home, plopped on the bed and watched ourselves a movie on the computer.  We NEVER bring Chinese food home and we NEVER eat in our bed.  And we certainly do not do both at the same time. 

It was so daring and out of the box for us.

It was fun.

Saturday was full of craziness.  We left at 8:01 am and returned around 9:45pm.  It was a good day but I was pooped. 

Sunday I prepared for conferences, made our loaf of wheat bread for the week, did loads of laundry, played with the kids, made zucchini bread, packed lunches, etc, etc, etc.  I also watched (while running around doing all that other stuff) a football game that I don’t care to expand on.

The house has been all the buzz with phone calls from friends solving important matters such as “What shall we wear on Twin Day?” (which happens to be tomorrow).  In fact, the phone just rang with a fellow fourth grade lad asking to speak to our boy.  He was disappointed to learn that our kids were already in bed -at 8:10pm as usual.  All of this talking-on-the-phone business has been entertaining.  My children get very few phone calls but this week has been the exception.  It is cracking me up.  And scaring me.  On Friday I answered the phone to discover that it was for my 8-year-old daughter.  I handed the phone to Pumpkin and became involved in other things.  She went to her bedroom, closed the door, and I forgot she was on the phone.  Thirty plus minutes later, out she comes, beaming and exclaiming, “I am my mother’s daughter.”  Of course I asked why. 

Her reply was, “Because I just spent a whole bunch of time on this phone.”  

I was speechless.  If you can imagine that.

Now I must give the final kisses to the kidlets and prepare for my conferences I have tomorrow. 

Did I mention I have 18 conferences this week?


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  1. Posted October 14, 2008 at 8:15 am | Permalink

    Your daughter’s comment is too funny! 🙂

    Good luck with all those conferences – and your special workshop!

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