Monthly Archives: November 2008

I am extremely thankful that we live so close to our families

I LOVE the fact that we all live so close (except for a super duper Aunt EJ and the husband’s sister’s lovely family).  In this 20 Days of Thanks, I knew I would mention our fabulous fam.  But this year it seems like I am even more thankful for their close proximity AND love.  With […]

I am so thankful for all these kiddos

I like borrowing the twins

I was greatly disappointed during my first pregnancy when the technician at the sonogram announced that there was only one child.  I had my heart set on having twins.  Five months after giving birth to our bouncing (huge) baby boy, I discovered that I was pregnant again.  I so feared that I was carrying twins.  […]

I am thankful that my students are so thankful

We made a class list of “Things we are Thankful for” today in class.  Here is the list: Jesus my pets my dogs my teacher ( I paid him well) our country that Emma won the writing contest my parents our school my church my toys the President (yes, I had to stop a potentially […]

I am thankful for our partnership

I have one simple thing to proclaim tonight!  If you are a single mother, GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU!  The husband has been away and I just don’t function well without him.  It is hard doing this parenting thing alone.  Oh my word!  It was totally different when I didn’t work and he was away.  But now?  […]


I love games.  Just not ones that require a lot of thought, especially after a long day of teaching.  But being the good mom -the mom who is determined NOT to let stress get the best of her during this crazy week-I told the Lad to choose a game.  He chose Scrabble. His words? narc, drone, […]


That is how I would describe my emotions right now.  In fact, I was so sick of my emotions and feelings tonight that I ended up crying all through worship.  Not like me.  Not at all. You could say I am numb.  Or changed.  Or confused.  Or faithful.  Or scared.  Or disappointed.  Or excited. Or ALL […]

The Museo

For those of you who do not know Spanish, museo means museum.  And please don’t think I knew that word before today either. This morning the husband and I had some time to ourselves here in Guatemala City.  We decided to be cultural and go to the local archeology museum.  I was a bit shocked […]

A few snapshots of Guatemala

This is our team.  Three went to work and three of us went to supervise not work.  The husband, our pastor, and I worked a wee bit (not really) but our purpose on this trip was to make some final decisions and meet with folks about starting the children’s home.  Can you pick out the […]

The journey that I am thankful for

Have I mentioned how brilliant my husband is?  Well, in case I haven´t, you must know that he is.  I am thankful to have somebody with me in this foreign country that speaks the language FLUENTY.  It really comes in handy.  I love to travel to other lands but I prefer taking my husband along […]