20 Days of Thanks

I am stealing an idea from my dear friend and fellow blogger, Anna.  This time last year she did “30 days of Thanks.”  I decided to do something similar during this upcoming season of gratitude.  Of course I am already 10 days into November so I will condense my posts to 20 days.

I also realize that I need a BIG kick in my booty to get my focus off of me, me, me and to keep me from inviting all of you to my pity party as we are in the midst of many big changes in our family.  When I was a kid, my mom would tell me that I could go ahead and be upset.  I could even throw a party in my own pity’s honor.  I would just have to do it alone and with the door closed.

But I am choosing not to have any party of the pity sort.  I am choosing to count my blessings and look at the good in all that is going on around me.  And a lot surely is happening. 

Some might be corny and others might be repetitive but I WILL be thankful.  My prayer is to lift my spirits but also to serve as an encourager to others. 

Today I am thankful for this wee bit of time on the computer.  My husband is fiercely looking for a job so when he is home, he occupies the computer.  I am thankful that I am married to a man who longs to provide for us, to use his skills and abilities to serve others, and is organized and structured (we all know I am NOT).  This is a trying time for me but I am sure my husband feels it even more.  I am thankful we are in this journey together and wherever the Lord leads us (to Guatemala, another job in Dallas or in a different state) I am thrilled we will do it hand in hand.


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  1. sincerelyanna
    Posted November 10, 2008 at 10:46 pm | Permalink

    I hope your 20 Days of Thanks is something that God uses in your life like He did mine. It was a worthy exercise and put the focus right where it should be, even in the midst of heartache and tribulation. I know God is doing something incredible in your family right now – and I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds. Praying for you guys.

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