That is how I would describe my emotions right now.  In fact, I was so sick of my emotions and feelings tonight that I ended up crying all through worship.  Not like me.  Not at all.

You could say I am numb.  Or changed.  Or confused.  Or faithful.  Or scared.  Or disappointed.  Or excited.

Or ALL of the above. 

I have some pretty deep thoughts to share but I am sort of drained from all this deepness (I know that is not a word).  It is my desire to express all that is going on in my head on paper (or blog).

Now, doesn’t that just scare the pee out of ya? 

I will simply end this inspiring post with another “what I am thankful for today”. 


I missed all three of the monkeys.  I sure did soak up bedtime hugs tonight.  I am so grateful for the children God has given us. 

Excuse me while I go steal a few extra hugs and kisses before three certain young children drift off to sleep.


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  1. Posted November 17, 2008 at 7:14 pm | Permalink

    The word that came to mind was “set apart.” You have been and are considering moving to a place where most people you go to church with have never been before. There is a decision weighing on you that most people have never felt, and you and your hubby (with the Lord’s direction) must make it alone. It is an honor to be chosen, but it is never easy.

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