Home and Waiting

We are home!  Funny how we just don’t know if this DFW area will be home for long. 

We did indeed have a lovely trip.  The husband’s interviews were extensive and although he felt good about the majority of them, he just doesn’t know if he will be offered the job or not. 

So here we wait. 


Last night after his final interview, I was feeling a bit blah.  Before having dinner at a lovely restaurant, we stopped in at a new and grand Christian bookstore to take a peek.  We mosied around not finding any must-haves and then headed out the door.  The husband could tell I was a bit blue but was allowing me to have a bit of a pity party.  He was feeling a big discouraged too but oh he has so much more faith than I.  I was trying to will myself to have a better attitude and be happy to be, once again, in a place of waiting. 

I wasn’t doing so well with that trying bit. 

Then a plaque in the doorway caught my eye.  It simply and beautfully read something about waiting from Isaiah.  It obviously had a huge impact on me since I can’t seem to even remember the bulk of the verse.  I guess seeing the word wait in scripture stopped me in my tracks and created a longing to truly seek more on waiting.  Not that I want more waiting; I just want to accept it. 

Tonight I went to hunting that specific verse so I typed in “wait” on Bible Gateway.  Can’t say if I am now encouraged or MORE discouraged after seeing over 135 search results for the word “wait.” 

I think my God has a little theme going on for me lately.  Whatcha think? 

So, here we are, waiting to see if a move to Boone, NC is in the plan for us.  Of course I want to follow God’s lead but I so hope we can stop this waiting game right now.  Wouldn’t that make this Wild Goose Chase  more calm?  But who wants calm when you long to trust in God?

I just wish that chase didn’t have to involve waiting. 

But at least there are still moments that make us smile while we wait.  After arriving home, the girls went outside to “cook” in the mud (yes, they do this often).  About 15 minutes had passed when they ran inside very excited and lured the husband and me outside.  They started to sing, ” Happy Welcome Home to You!”  Isn’t that mud pie the prettiest mud pie ever created (accented with flower petals and leaves)?


Here are a few photos from our trip.  I hate to admit that I took very few pics. 


In front of Twigs where we dined on yummy crabcakes and shrimp and grits.


We took a little journey along the Blue Ridge Parkway yesterday afternoon.  Several of the houses I looked at with the realtor were minutes from the Parkway and views such as this. 

I can live with that.

I am sure the view was lovely about four weeks ago and will look even more majestic in the Spring and Summer.  It snowed on Friday but did not stick even though the temps never got out of the thirties.  I know these mountains must look heavenly in snow.

Who knows?  Maybe we’ll be residents of those mountains in the near future.

We’ll wait and see!

P.S.  After the husband proofread my post, he reminded me that the verse in the bookstore was in fact Isaiah 26:3 which reads “You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in You.”  So . . . not EXACTLY about waiting, but a good reminder about what we should do WHILE we wait.  Uncertainty can be a real enemy of peace.  So for now I must wait . . . and be steadfast.



  1. sincerelyanna
    Posted December 15, 2008 at 12:26 am | Permalink

    Praying He gives you peace!

  2. Posted December 15, 2008 at 12:45 am | Permalink

    Mmm, that mudpie looks mighty tasty! That’s how I got my start in cooking! (We have that plate at our house too!)

    Glad to know you made it back safe and sound.

  3. Kim K
    Posted December 15, 2008 at 10:55 am | Permalink

    I claimed that verse too while Ray was deployed to Kuwait a few years back. I love that the verse says PERFECT peace~ can’t get any more peaceful than that!
    Praying that God brings news soon!
    PS He is always working on patience with me too!

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