The man who came to dinner

The husband and I have been to Guatemala numerous times to minister to orphans.  In fact, we were just about ready to pack up our family and move down there to start an orphanage this fall.  After hours in prayer and much consideration, we decided that it was not the best move for our family. 

Anyhoo, the husband and I have a heart for the people of Guatemala, esp the orphans BUT have always been blessed by the interpreters and staff that help lead our teams from the states.  Thanks to facebook and bloggyland and even cheap International phone services, we are able to remain in contact with our friends, even the ones we met during our Russia trips.  We were thrilled that we not only saw our friend at church this week but had him in our home this evening. 

The kids LOVED him!


After supper, the kids curled up on the couch with him and watched a movie. 


Thanks for spending time with us tonight!  We are glad you came to dinner!


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