I guess you could say it is official

We took the kids to the Post Office yesterday to apply for their passports. 

And let me tell you something!  If those offsprings of mine act on our trip to Zambia anything like they did in that small passport office, I just might have to take something.  Something strong. 


This Postal worker was quite the organized one and although she was polite, I do think all three of the kids hovering around here made her nervous.  Both of us (mom and dad) had to be in attendance and swear, with our right hands up, that these were indeed our pride and joy and were truly American citizens.  I will be honest and say that at that very moment, I was wondering what I was swearing to.  Did I mention that they weren’t the calmest, sweetest little darlings during that 45 minute time frame?  Whew! I am glad that portion of the process is complete.  Now we wait for the passports to arrive, book our flights, and somehow find a way to pay for it.  🙂

Have I also mentioned that I will be traveling alone with our three little darlings? 


No Daddy. 

Just Mom, Kid 1, Kid 2, and Kid 3 on a two day journey across many continents. 

I will certainly need something for myself (although I typically do not react well to meds) but the kids?  Oh, I was making a mental list of things we should probably gather for the adventure.  Of course, stickers, candy, a laptop, Nintendos, books, etc, etc, came to mind.  But the main thing to keep us all sane is one simple item. 


Very strong, sleep producing drugs. 

That sounds great in theory but my children have NEVER had Benadryl and I rarely give them any meds at all (such a good mom I am).  And if  my children respond to Benadryl in any way like I do, then I will be in mega trouble.  I started imagining that maybe, just maybe, some sort of “drowsy” drug would actually  make my children drowsy.  Then I imagined the drugs doing TOO good of a job of putting my kids to sleep.   Can’t you see me trying to get three half grown children off the plane in London.  For a TWELVE hour layover!?!? !

The word solo should pop back into your brain.   If I do indeed have three sleepyheads, not willing to walk, then I am doomed.  Doomed.

Anyhoo.  I keep reminding myself that this is all so very exciting and one day I will go back and reread all of the stories and smile.  And laugh.  And sigh. We are so excited about serving the orphans in Zambia this summer.  Some of you have asked how long we will be there.  The husband will go about four weeks before us and then the kids and I will join him for two weeks of the camp.  Our whole family will serve as camp counselors while we are there.  Daddy will join us on the trip home, and we hope to stop off in London for a few days. 

I am making fun of this traveling alone with the kiddos, but please know that I am very blessed to experience this with my family.  We are honored to be chosen to serve overseas (for a bit of the summer).  Yesterday, Pumpkin and I ran up to the warehouse to see if we could be of any assistance in loading one of the containers heading for Zambia.  We weren’t much help at first but then we found our groove and were enjoying the experience.  I left pumped about all that is in store for over 10,000 orphans this summer AND for the Americans serving.  I have heard rumors that the whole ordeal changes lives. 


Container A almost ready to go.  As of today, it is packed and sealed, ready to head out to port this week.  It really is exciting. 


This?  This made my child exuberant.  600 jars of Jiffy peanut butter.  There are very few things my middle child enjoys consuming so when she likes something (such as peanut butter) she REALLY likes it.  Not only is it peanut butter going to Zambia, it is the non-natural kind (that I deprive my children of) and will be the source of our daily lunches during Camp Life.  Oh dear!  On top of the pallet is 525 lbs. of Pumpkin’s true love:  100% pure sugar.  Of course the Ragu spaghetti sauce did nothing for her, except for, she informed me, “to make me puke.” 

This just  might be a very interesting journey. 

But then again, when is serving the Lord 100% comfortable?!!?!?

Good thing it is 100% satisfying.



  1. Posted January 31, 2009 at 5:14 pm | Permalink

    Just thinking of all those hours on a plane again makes my rear end hurt…and alone with three kids makes me twitch! I was awake through each of the 20 hours in the air from the east coast to Guam and vice versa EACH TIME we crossed the big pond. I can’t sleep on planes, and that makes for a VERY long flight. On one trip, I saw the sun come up three times in one day (don’t ask me how), and I was still awake. At that point, I burst into tears. Did I mention I was pregnant at the time?

    That wasn’t very comforting, was it? I suggest you give them some meds now and see how they react.

    I will be sure to pray you through that trip. I can certainly sympatize!

  2. sincerelyanna
    Posted January 31, 2009 at 7:45 pm | Permalink

    Wow. This is a scrapbook in the making – such an adventure for your family this summer! Can you sneak in a grandparent with you, though, for the plane trip? At least to London – hey, that’s a great vacation destination 🙂

  3. Posted February 1, 2009 at 12:22 pm | Permalink

    Oh my!!! Girl you are going to have your hands full!! If you are serious about the sleep on the plane stuff, I have a friend whose pediatrician told her to use Melatonin to help induce sleep. You can buy it in health food stores and it’s an “au-naturale” kinda thing that will help lul your babes to sleep. She crunches up a pill and sticks it on an Oreo when she needs to use it (her little boy has sleep issues sometimes). Just a thought if you want to avoid “meds”. I can not wait to hear all about it!!!

  4. Posted February 2, 2009 at 4:32 pm | Permalink

    That is so amazing – I just pray God blesses such an amazing endevour in the lifes of your family and the people you’ll serve. How awesome! I’ll have to poke around to get the information on who you are going with,etc.

    ALone??? Well, if you want to try Benedryl, which my second child seriously lives on sometimes…then do it NOW, before the plane for a night or two to see what happens!

    Good luck gal!

  5. Posted February 2, 2009 at 6:47 pm | Permalink

    Oh – traveling with kids is a joy! I’m considering traveling solo – we’re still working the details… 🙂

    Enjoy those last moments of pulling everything together for the adventure! You will run out of time – I guarantee it.. 🙂

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