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I have seen my fair share of addresses for a lifetime this week!  As you know, the husband and I are entering the world of full time ministry.  A very big piece of our ministry tapestry is raising our own support.  I have been rather candid and shared that this little idea of asking folks […]

Please watch this video

And then you will know why I want to go to Zambia rightthisveryminute. Click here to play the video.

10 Days

As we were leaving school this afternoon, I happily exclaimed to the van full of kiddos, “No school for a week!”  I yelled just as loud as the kids.  My son then announced that there were actually ten days until we have to be “back at that place.”  My smile got bigger.  After the day […]

It has been forever and a day

So I have not been around much lately.  Sorry. I have tons to report but not tons of time.  My excuse for the weekend is simply that I took the weekend off and had a lovely time with the family.  We did have to clean the gym up at the school but other than that […]

The sweetest little Valentine

I woke up GRUMPY this morning and remembering that it was a party day did not assist in making those grumps disappear.  Took me a while to even enter my classroom when I first arrived at school.  The other teachers laughed at me saying there must be a mouse in there.  No, just 18 excited […]

Creating a checklist to assist kiddos in being responsible

It has been a while since I joined folks over at Rocks in my Dryer for Works for Me Wednesday.  With mom working part time now and our lives in the midst of major changes, we were beginning to see our daily (and minuscule) activities causing us to take a downward spiral.  Our heads were […]

Going on a picnic leaving right away…..

if  it doesn’t rain we’ll stay all day.  I’ll bring…………… I have played this little sing songy game with various sets of children.  Always a fun time waster.  We spent hours in the mess hall line at camp singing this little game.  All you have to do is come up with an item beginning with […]

Looky here!

We applied for the children’s passports last Friday (8 days ago) and looky what arrived in our mailbox today!                              Zambia, here we come !

I am trying it one more time

Remember this post?  Well, I did not get past chapter two back in December.  Why?  I started squirming in my seat.  (And the husband snatched it up and read it.)  But it has been sitting on my bedside table yelling out to be read.  By me. I had a strong urge to read it again […]

I have a hankering to write something deep

but I got nothing.  Sure, several topics come to mind but nothing stimulating.  Well, actually plenty that is stimulating and exciting but the real question is whether or not I can produce anything worth reading. Have I mentioned that I have another love?  It’s name is Facebook.  Well, lately I have been tagged about 253 […]