Monthly Archives: March 2009

Team Meetings

Have I mentioned that we are all going to Zambia this summer?   Can’t remember if I slipped that in a conversation or two.  Well, we are incredibly blessed AND thrilled to have this opportunity to serve orphans in Zambia, Africa for a few weeks this summer.  I have always had a desire to journey […]

Just sitting here

on the couch.  with the husband.  tapping away on my new laptop (well, exploring facebook really) The husband and I actually had our first ever real disagreement yesterday.   What to name the laptop.  I chose George.  He did not.  Long story why I chose George but it gets my husband riled up.   So…..I […]

Our new arrival

We have been blessed with a brand new MacBook.  It is quite uncertain who in this house is the most excited.  All I am saying is I am off to Panera Bread…………..

Just because

she is so stinkin’ cute! And I really do not have time to come up with anything else clever.

That darn copier

I teach first grade so I never know what will come out of the mouths of my babes.  I have one particular little guy who is beyond smart but very adamant against anything to do with writing and spelling .  He can read and understand ANYTHING.  You should have heard him explain to my class last […]

I have evidently trained my children

Why is it that the VERY important and sometimes annoying things you teach your children just don’t stick in their little brains?  And why is it that the things that you unintentionally and even subconsciously teach them tend to really stick? So much for hammering it in.  Apparently that plaque hanging in my home growing up […]

A little detour

Here are some photos from my husband’s trip to Guatemala this week.    Confused?  Thought we weren’t going there? Well, we are not.   Not to live, that is. But even though the husband’s current vocation is serving orphans in Zambia, Africa, we still have a heart for the children of Guatemala who we grew to […]

Time change and the Lord

We were eating supper at my folks’ house Sunday night.  I started to hurry along the kiddos saying that we needed to scoot and get home to bed because we lost an hour the night before (due to Daylight Savings).  Little Miss looked up from her plate and casually asked, “Well, what happened to it?” […]


It has been a full weekend.  Not so much with activities but with accomplishing tasks.  One of the main tasks assigned to the husband was to research health insurance options for our family.  The results? Basically, we are up a creek. I guess since the husband has had insurance through his previous employer we did not […]

Did ya miss me?

I could list the countless reasons why I have not blogged in over a week!  I do believe that is a record!!!  I will spare you.  Maybe. I have started a few posts but although they have all started out with an inspired thought, they quickly spiraled into mumble jumble.  I will spare you of […]