Did ya miss me?

I could list the countless reasons why I have not blogged in over a week!  I do believe that is a record!!!  I will spare you. 


I have started a few posts but although they have all started out with an inspired thought, they quickly spiraled into mumble jumble.  I will spare you of all that as well.

I will just mention that I am indeed feeling overwhelmed lately and unable to fill the many shoes and hats I wear.  If my memory serves me right, this overwhelmation (yes, that is my very own made up word) is partly due to the fact that my husband will be out of town for a time.  I get cranky just thinking about it.  I told him that in May he should secretly plan to leave for Zambia a few days before schedule just to avoid his wife’s egregious behavior.  Yes, I am that bad. 

Our family took a little jaunt to Amarillo last weekend and had a marvelous time.  We were visiting my husband’s dear aunt and uncle.  It was such a treat to visit with them.  We stayed in a hotel with an indoor pool.  The children said it was better than our trip to Disney World.

Uh-hum.  That is disturbing considering the cost difference in those two trips.  By the way, have you ever been to Amarillo?

The husband and I were contemplating why it was such a lovely trip for us all.  I figured it out.  No dishes. No laundry. No computer. 

Just mom and dad focused on the kids.  Add in an aunt that absolutely adores the kiddos and you have a recipe for a good time. 


The indoor pool occupied tons of our time.  The children swam and swam.  And swam some more.


This shot of the Lad hold his youngest sister is priceless.  The tenderness that the children shared with each other did indeed rank our time away right up there with Disney World.


Pumpkin and Aunt EJ feeding ducks.  These two have a lot in common.  I am not sure which one eats it up more.


We visited an extraordinary children’s museum in Amarillo. I was greatly impressed.  We all had such a blast. 


It just so happened that the estate sale at Grandmother’s house was going on while we were in town.  I am not too pleased with myself  for dropping by while that was taking place.  Pitiful.  Absolutely awful.  I have never been to an estate sale so the first one being of our sweet Grandmother just was not right.   Of course I decided that instead of pouting, I would take a picture.  The house is also for sale so I thought I would take one last pic with my fam in front of the house of many memories.  I have only had 14 years of memories in that house.  The husband’s family has made them for over 50 years.


Our two sweet girlies snuggled up together in the hotel.  It was such a treat for us all!


And this?  This speaks very loudly.  The Lad is willingly smiling for the camera.  Not only did he strike a little pose for this photo but he allowed me to take about 14 shots! No kidding.  He was half asleep all cuddled up in the big hotel bed and I thought he was the sweetest looking little guy I have ever laid eyes on.  He must have seen my adoration.  He was eating it up.  So was I.

So the little getaway was a grand success.  Just goes to show that you don’t need an exotic destination for a great family vacation.  You just need family.

And an indoor pool helps.


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  1. sincerelyanna
    Posted March 7, 2009 at 9:13 pm | Permalink

    I missed you! Glad you had time away with family…love the pictures!

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