A little detour

Here are some photos from my husband’s trip to Guatemala this week. 




Confused?  Thought we weren’t going there?

Well, we are not.   Not to live, that is.

But even though the husband’s current vocation is serving orphans in Zambia, Africa, we still have a heart for the children of Guatemala who we grew to love through several trips with our church with the goal of opening a children’s home.

You can take this boy out of the country but not (a love for) the country out of the boy. 

The husband  has been on every trip our church has taken to Guatemala (and I have been on most of them).  To say we are deeply invested in this project is an understatement.  Of course the husband speaking the language fluently and being very keen on the culture has made him fall right into the process.  At one point we thought a move there was inevitable.  God had other plans for us and is still in the process of revealing it all to us! 

So while the husband is planning to head to Zambia in the middle of May, a little detour back to Guatemala occured this week.  He and one of our pastors went there to move the process along of opening the children’s home.  They met with lawyers to get an NGO set up that will govern the children’s home.  They also met some of the children who will hopefully live at the home when it is ready.  We are aiming to have it ready by the first of August.

I will be honest and share that I was very jealous that my husband had the opportunity to go and I did not.  I was jealous until I realized that he and our pastor would have the responsibility of CHOOSING the handful of children who would be accepted into the home out of a number of candidates.  No thank you.

Fortunately, the Guatemalan pastor we are working with already had some selected which made their job a little easier.  The following pics are a few of those children.  Some of them are true orphans and a few are simply unable to be cared for by their mother. 





As I prepare this post, my Itunes list is rolling through.  Mighty to Save is currently playing.

HE IS MIGHTY TO SAVE.  Shine your light and let the WHOLE WORLD see, we’re singing for the glory of the risen King! 

The whole world!  Shine your light.  On our little street, in a poor little village in Guatemala, to a country full of AIDS orphans such as Zambia.

HE IS MIGHTY TO SAVE.  Mighty to save even that five month old little guy in Pacux, Guatemala without a home. 

He is also mighty to save YOU!  Have you embraced Him?


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