Monthly Archives: April 2009


again!   I forgot one teeny weeny little countdown on top of our countdown to Zambia.   13 days remaining is this school year!  Well, if you are strictly referring to MY school year, make that TWELVE days!  I am taking a personal day tomorrow to do, well, personal things.   The husband and I […]

Is Zambia Ready for this Crew?

This is the group of staff kids going to Zambia (minus two teenagers).  Aren’t they a cute bunch?  It was fun (and noisy) getting them all together last night. The tall gal next to Pumpkin is 18 hours younger than she!  They have already played together a few times so it was fun for them […]


Oh mylanta!  The husband leaves two weeks from today and then the kids and I will quickly follow.  Oh the list.  You should see the to do list.  It is long.  Very, very long.  There are things that are not on the list like spend every waking moment with the family.  There is a problem with […]


Original title, huh?   Not a lot to report.  Well, there are plenty of miniscule things going on around here but nothing worth a picture or a whole post dedicated to its occurrence. Here are a few little facts:  -16 more days left in this school year.  15 if you don’t count the day I […]

Buried in T-shirts and bogged down with other stuff

If all it took was a huge collection of multi colored t-shirts to be ready to go to Africa, then I would say we are most certainly ready to go! 3 weeks from today, the husband will be on a plane heading to Zambia.  The children and I will follow his footsteps (or flying wings) […]

Going to the Radio

Well, not the Radio, the Rodeo.  Little Miss kept saying we were going to the Mesquite Radio last night.  I thought it was way too cute so I did not correct her.  Her very loving big brother took care of that for me!  It has been a while since we enjoyed the local entertainment here […]

I have an embarrassing confession

I have another addiction.  This time it is simply a song.  A song from a movie.   A song from a kids’ movie.  A song from a teeny bopper.   I am a bit fond of Hoedown Throwdown.  And if you think I know the moves, think again.  I don’t.  Well, I am a slow […]

Well, looky here…I have a blog

I guess I forgot about this little thing I was once addicted to.  Have I mentioned a new love?  Well, I actually have two loves.  George and Facebook.   Wanna know what is going on?   April 3rd was the dear husband’s 35th b-day.  That sorta slipped right through the busy days.  Not really.  I […]

My daughter’s perspective

My daughter had a little assignment last week to write about a family member who worked hard to make a dream come true.  Our sweet third grader chose her daddy.  Of course. My Dad My dad had a dream to help with orphans all over the world.  He wanted for there to be hope for them […]