Original title, huh?  

Not a lot to report.  Well, there are plenty of miniscule things going on around here but nothing worth a picture or a whole post dedicated to its occurrence.

Here are a few little facts: 

-16 more days left in this school year.  15 if you don’t count the day I am taking off to spend with the husband to prepare for his departure.

-The husband and I finally made a BIG decision.  The bad (and taunting) news is that I am not at liberty to share the details.  I shall post the news on Tuesday…I hope! 

-I spoke at MOPS today.  I have never been to a MOPS meeting so it was sorta funny that I finally attended one when my youngest is forcing me to never be a part of it (once a mom’s youngest child graduates from kindergarten, mom gets kicked out).  I was asked last night at 5:00pm to lead the devotional.  Well, I was wiped out last night and ended up staying up a bit with a sick kid so my presentation was not what I would have liked.  Oh well!  I briefly shared about Family Legacy and our upcoming trip to Zambia.  I was originally told to make it interesting, short, and useful.  That was a little challenging.  I came up with a plan but struggled to adequately organize my thoughts (in the few minutes I had actually set aside to prepare).  Oh well!  I can only do better next time. 

-Little Miss is puny.  She is scaring us a bit because she is acting way similar to when she had pneumonia last June.  I’m watching her closely.  We don’t need another thousand dollar doctor visit again.  Of course watching her so weak and lifeless is a bummer!  Pitiful mom I am!  More concerned about those bills!!!  We are still paying off that stinkin’ IV too!  

-I am sitting next to a huge pile of MORE clothes to fold, sort, and inventory and none of the items belong to us!  Have I mentioned that our school requires parent partner hours?  Families have to do 5 hours of volunteer work per month for each child.  Doesn’t sound like a lot but it has been challenging for us to complete them with me teaching.  Living so far from the school has made it even more difficult.  Oh, the laundry?  Apparently we have quite a few absent-minded kiddos at our school who tend to leave UNLABELED items of clothing everywhere.  My job this week has been to gather the items and prepare them for storage and then have them ready for display at our end of the year party.  Two weeks ago we were needing 51 hours completed by the time I step on the plane on May 26.  A lot!  It’s a long story why all those hours piled up but I am staying positive (well, trying) and finishing strong.  Thanks to my mom, I have put in over 17 hours this week alone.  I WILL be caught up by the time the husband leaves in two weeks.  I will.  I will. By the way, you won’t hear another word about this until those hours are DONE!  

-Well, I lied.  Tomorrow we have to go up to the school to clean the gym for you know what.  (See, I didn’t really mention it).  After that we will stick around while Little Miss attends a twirling workshop (if she is feeling better) and do some major dusting for you know what.  I DESPERATELY need to work in my classroom but at this point doing my parent partner hours takes precedent over my class.  I WILL be caught up by May 10.  I WILL. 

-Tomorrow night we are attending a Seussical performance at a high school.  Most of the husband’s coworkers will be there so it will be great fun.  

-16 days of school.  Oh, have I mentioned that?  I have mixed feeling about this fact.  I am ready for a break but to be honest, I kinda feel like the ball is finally rolling and all sorts of light bulbs have recently come on in my monkeys’ heads which makes me want to teach them more and more.  Crunch time!  This is the point in the school year when I start to get a little sentimental and have to avoid thoughts of losing my crew.  Of course losing them (i.e., promoting them on to second grade) is a good thing – but I will miss them (most of the time).  🙂 

– I bought the American Girl Doll movie “Chrissa” for our trip.  But I am a sucker and allowed the kids to watch it this afternoon.  Really, I wanted to see it.  I also bought “Bolt” but I am hanging on to that one.  

-I also bought “on the go” toilet paper for our trip.  That was a first but you just never know……….

-Hoping to have our prayer cards completed and mailed out this week.  So excited about that!  

I need to fold these “lost” items and head to bed.  Chances are Little Miss just might be up a time or two tonight hacking.

But hopefully my next update will bring news of a night well slept.

One can dream. 🙂


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    You’ve been busy! I hope LM is feeling better already. Send us one of your prayer cards! We love you guys!

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