Oh mylanta!  The husband leaves two weeks from today and then the kids and I will quickly follow. 

Oh the list.  You should see the to do list.  It is long.  Very, very long. 

There are things that are not on the list like spend every waking moment with the family.  There is a problem with that.  Too much to do! 

The one thing I have already caught myself losing sight of is not taking time to pray.  Praying just because that is talking to my Lord.  Praying because there is no way to keep an ounce of sanity while keeping my schedule.  Praying because I know the Lord is doing great things in this journey to Zambia.  Oh my heart is not ready.  I am too concerned with every other aspect of this trip.  Maybe I should slow down.  hmmmmmmmmmmm………

Wanna pray with me?  Be my guest!


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