Is Zambia Ready for this Crew?


This is the group of staff kids going to Zambia (minus two teenagers).  Aren’t they a cute bunch?  It was fun (and noisy) getting them all together last night. The tall gal next to Pumpkin is 18 hours younger than she!  They have already played together a few times so it was fun for them to hang out again.  


This is Miss Holly with our Little Miss. Holly is on staff with FLMI and has taken to our kids like family.  In fact, one of the coolest things about Family Legacy Missions is that they are committed to the family.  In fact, the staff already feels like family to us.  Good thing.  Some of us our traveling together.  Of course we will be working together (those on staff have already proven to have a lovely working relationship).  I have been blessed by these folks in many ways in the short time we have been a part of FLMI.  I am sooooooo thankful for this ministry, for the work they do in the lives of THOUSANDS of Zambian orphans, and for the way they have blessed our family.  I CAN’T wait to go to Zambia!!!!!!!   I think our kids are even more pumped up after meeting the two other kids who will be flying with us.  They hit it off quickly.  

Why were we together last night?  Well, we gathered to support Jonathan, the director’s oldest child, as he played Vlad Vladikoff the Black Bottom Eagle in his school’s performance of Seussical (which, by the way, was EXCELLENT).  It was WONDERFUL and so entertaining.  

The following picture is Jonathan (Vlad) and his proud father.  


Need to check out what we are doing this summer?  Go to the ministry’s website and click on Camp Life and/or click on their blog.  You will be glad you did!


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