I forgot one teeny weeny little countdown on top of our countdown to Zambia.  

13 days remaining is this school year! 

Well, if you are strictly referring to MY school year, make that TWELVE days!  I am taking a personal day tomorrow to do, well, personal things.  

The husband and I plan on checking off TONS on our to do list and just spending some sweet time together before his departure.  I would have taken a day off next week but we are giving our little darlings standarized testing then so I really should be in attendance.  Speaking of standarized testing…..I gave the practice SAT today to my monkeys.  Oh Mylanta!  All I have to say is bring on the caffeine and my running shoes.  And add a little more patience in that mixture and we shall be good to go.  Seriously, I am a bit worried.  Plopping 18 6-7 year olds down and making them be still and quiet for hours is cruel and unusual punishment.  I don’t think the kids like it either.  🙂 

I am off to finish my errand list for tomorrow.  One item on that list involves our decision/news so hopefully I will have liberty to speak of the endeavor on Friday!  

Oh!  I just ordered pictures from our photo session at the Dallas Arboretum in March.  I have procrastinated forever due to the fact that all the pics are so stinkin’ good!  (It helps that my kids are so stinkin’ cute.)  I am so very proud of my family.  Not too thrilled with the backside pics of yours truly but oh well!  It is what it is.  Go here to see how difficult it was to stay within a budget.


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  1. Pam
    Posted April 30, 2009 at 7:32 am | Permalink

    Oh my goodness, those pictures are so good! I think my favorite one is the one with you and your hubby sitting in the background, and the three kids sitting in the foreground. I can certainly see why you had a hard time choosing!!!

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