He is off…


After seeing this load in the back of our van, I am wondering how on earth we will get our TWELVE bags to the airport.  And who will lift those 50lb. bags into the appointed vehicle?   Wow ! I am already missing my man!


The sweet husband is on his first leg of his journey to Africa right this very minute.  He should land around 1am Texas time.  He will have a ten hour layover in London then have another 8 hour flight to Zambia. 

As we were leaving the airport, my son shared my same sentiments, ” Oh I just can’t wait to go.”  Being at the airport and seeing the process of checking in (and hauling all that luggage) was great for the kids to witness.  It gave all of us a small dose of what we will experience in just 16 days.  What that young Lad did not fully grasp is the longevity of the entire trip.  Thirty hours later, Daddy will reach his destination!  Of course he gets to do so in peace.  I have no idea what that journey will truly look like with my three darlings under my wings.  I am still thinking drugs. Strong drugs.  Maybe I shall give some to the kiddos too.  🙂


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