A note from the husband:

I am in Zambia!  I made it in just fine at 6:00am this morning.  After getting through customs and briefly waiting for my luggage, I met Greer who was waiting for me and we drove to the Mullungushi Housing Village.  Mullungushi was built in the 1950s for the Queen of England and her entourage when Zambia was still a British colony.  Now it is owned by the government and the homes are rented to visiting government officials, guests, etc.  We will rent 9 homes this summer for all of the Americans who will be coming.  The homes are in a gated community in a neighborhood setting.  In the middle of the neighborhood is a banquet hall where we will have our meals.

After I got settled into the villa that I will be sharing with another staff member (until the rest of my family gets here), I laid down for a nap (I only slept 15 minutes on the overnight flight!) and slept for about 3 1/2 hours.  I woke up, had a shower and a quick lunch from Subway (that Greer brought me), and then I met the rest of the group along with over 100 Zamban staff at the banquet hall for a team meeting to get ready for camp.  It was neat to meet many of them and get to know them.  We are ALL excited about what the Lord will be doing at camp this year!

After our meeting I went to dinner at the Arcades (a nice strip shopping center) with Joy, Paige, and Heather.  Heather and her husband Randy moved to Zambia last fall to work for Family Legacy Missions overseeing the construction of the Tree of Life Children’s Village and coordinating the Father’s Heart program.  Also joining us for dinner was Gilbert (or G, as we call him), Heather’s driver in Zambia.  We had drinks at a cafe and then got take-out from Zamchick (Zambian fried chicken).  My first taste of chicken and chips (french fries)!

Now we are back at the villa where the rest of the American staff are staying which has wireless internet.  I am not sure yet of tomorrow’s schedule but most likely we will do more camp planning and preparations.  On Saturday we are planning to begin unloading the containers!

Tomorrow morning our staff will have a meeting with a surgeon from a local hospital about a heart surgery needed for a teenage girl in our program.  Please pray for her and that the Lord would make a way for her to have the surgery – for the funds and also for the right doctor to perform the surgery.

So far it has been a GREAT trip and worth the wait in London!  Thank you all for your prayers!

The husband might be doing quite a bit of blogging this next week.  He is busy with many great things ministry related while I remain at home holding it all together.  I like to say that this is my major contribution to the ministry the next few weeks. 

The countdown is on fast and furious.  In 11 days, the children and I will be on a plane heading to reunite with our sweet man.   We are doing well.  A few little kinks causing a little frustration but overall, things are fine and dandy.  Our son (10 years old) has really been a champ.  He has proven himself to be mature and able to handle frustrating circumstances.  He has definitely stepped up to the plate as the man of the house.  I am so blessed. 

The girls?  They are doing okay.  This week has been the first time I have ever really considered them to be at each other’s throat.  I guess this is their way of handling things being out of whack.  I sure would prefer them to find another way……….like sleeping in late tomorrow morning.   Just an idea.


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    Glad he got there safely. The accommodations sound really nice!

    Praying the girls sleep in for you! 🙂

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