Day Two in Zambia: A Ministry Overview

Yesterday was a very eye-opening day in Zambia as I had the opportunity to travel around Lusaka with our executive director and see firsthand three important aspects of our ministry:

1) The Car Park

Family Legacy Missions International owns four acres of land near a middle-class community in Lusaka that serve as a parking lot for area families who pay to park their cars there overnight or during the day.  This parking lot also keeps our ministry buses which move children and Americans to and from camp during the summer and serve as public buses the rest of the time.  The revenue from both of these ventures supports our ministry programs in Zambia (half of the funds are invested back into the businesses while the other half is funneled directly into ministry).  Also at the car park are two 40′ ocean containers which contain all the supplies we shipped from Dallas in February for Camp LIFE.  We plan to unload them tomorrow!

2) The Community Resource Centers (CRCs)

The CRCs are homes strategically located in all the communities in Lusaka where Family Legacy works (there are 19 CRCs in all).  Many of Family Legacy’s Discipleship Leaders (the ones who are in the communitiesdaily serving the kids) live in these homes so that they can offer a 24-7 place for children to go when they are abused or driven from their homes by their caretakers.  Additionally, children come to the CRCs during the day to play and hang out.  These homes are a safe haven for the kids and a home base for our ministry in the communities.

3) The Tree of Life Children’s Village

This was the most EXCITING part of the day.  In just 12 DAYS we will dedicate the new Tree of Life Children’s Village, a brand new orphan community which will have capacity for 300 orphans as well as a school, clinic, multi-purpose center, vocational training center, and much more.  The initial phase will consist of a few homes and the school.  It is exciting to think that in matter of days children who have endured so much abuse and heartache in their short lives will go to live PERMANENTLY in a home where they will be loved and cared for, educated, and discipled to be the individuals that God wants them to be.  It is a milestone that will be greatly CELEBRATED!

Thank you for your prayers!  I will share some specific requests in my next post.


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