Container Day in Zambia!

Today was container day!  We unloaded two 40′ containers full of supplies for Camp LIFE along with items for our Zambian staff to use throughout the year.  While loading in America involves a warehouse and a forklift, UNLOADING in ZAMBIA involves a car park and some “hand tools” (i.e., our hands).  Fortunately twenty of our Zambian staff assisted us in the process (which was a HUGE help).  Still, unloading one box at a time took all day to accomplish.  I will sleep very well tonight!  There is one more container scheduled to arrive later this week that we will also be unloading.

We actually unloaded our first container while at the Tree of Life last week.  Watch the “pre-unloading” video below.  Please pray that the last container would arrive safely (and intact – not tampered with) in a timely manner so that we can get the contents unloaded and made ready for camp.  They will mean a lot to our Zambian staff and to the children that receive the shoes, t-shirts, bandannas, stickers, bracelets, etc. inside!


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    That’s so neat to be able to see videos from Zambia. What a great ministry you have there. I remember missionaries talking about these containers.

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