Monthly Archives: June 2009


My favorite day of Camp Life in Zambia was (hands down) shoe day!  On Thursday of each week of camp we distributed shoes to each child attending camp.  I am amazed at how a simple gift of a pair of shoes can make children so very happy.  Those sweet children are so thankful for anything […]

Pictures of our time in London

I am finally getting around to posting pictures of our quick trip to London.  As you will gather from the photos, we crammed a lot in during our two days of touring.  We were tired from our flight from Africa but we all enjoyed traipsing around London town.  This is the fam in front of the Tower […]

Where my heart is…



 How can I feel like my heart is still in Zambia and be so happy to be home at the same time?  After trying to change our flights to extend our stay in Zambia two or three more weeks, we realized that we would have to sell a child or two in order to afford […]

Photos from Zambia

At DFW airport unloading all of the luggage.  Yes, we paid a guy to help me.  This is a group picture of Family Legacy’s American staff and the fourteen children that moved into the FIRST home at the Tree of Life Children’s Village last week. We went back to visit them yesterday and they were […]

Six Days

 We have been in Zambia for six days now.  Well, the husband has been here a lot longer than that but we have been a family again for almost a week.  Our son just told me how much he likes it here.  His comment kinda surprised me. He has not mentioned his desire for video […]