Monthly Archives: July 2009

I have checked out for a few days…

We are on our annual trip to Taos Ski Valley in New Mexico with the husband’s family.  The cooler weather has been extremely refreshing as well as the time with our family.  But where have I been the past week or two?  Well, enjoying a few lazy days of summer.  Okay, I confess.  I have […]

One of my favorites…

Yes, this little peanut is indeed one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world.  I do believe the feeling is fairly mutual.  We have a little tradition around here.  Every Sunday, Sarah comes home with us.  She typically asks and I am a sucker for her so I give in.  Today, I […]

The Office

 Thought I was gong to write about the show, didn’t you? How about a much cleaner AND cuter version?  Welcome to Accessories Incorporated!  You will find the top two fashion designers in the industry right here on our very own soil.  They are hard-working little ladies who seek little or no pay.  They do, however, […]

No Words

There are no words to adequately explain to my son why our friends’ nine-day-old baby died today.  There are no words that can be written on a blog or facebook wall to even attempt to console a grieving family.  There are no words to share with you to express my very miniscule pain compared to […]

Our Fourth of July

My heart might have been left in Zambia, but I am certainly proud to be an American! Here we are at the Park Cities Fourth of July parade.  I know it is a terrible picture of Little Miss (she looks as if she is in great misery) but I thought it was so cute of […]

I forgot to mention one tiny detail

In the midst of preparing for our departure, actually flying across the world for our adventure, and now desperately  longing to be back in Zambia, I seem to have forgotten to mention a little change in our lives.  I do believe I hinted at big news but never did spill the beans.   There were […]