I forgot to mention one tiny detail

In the midst of preparing for our departure, actually flying across the world for our adventure, and now desperately  longing to be back in Zambia, I seem to have forgotten to mention a little change in our lives.  I do believe I hinted at big news but never did spill the beans.  

There were several reasons why I failed to bring up yet another change in our lives.  One reason is you are probably sick and tired of hearing about all the changes happening in our lives since last fall.  So am I.  

But reality has indeed set in and life goes on.  Not always as planned but it most certainly goes on.  Frankly, it goes on too fast at times.  

Another cause of my pokiness in telling is that there was a small part of me hoping it was not going to be as thus.  

Well, it is as thus and I am slowly accepting that IT IS WHAT IT IS and the Lord has us in this position for a reason.  I was so hoping my news would be :  I AM NO LONGER TEACHING AT ALL. Nope.  None. Nada.  And the kids will go to an incredible school as I work alongside my dear husband in the ministry.  

Isn’t that just wonderful news.  

I thought so too.  

Too bad it isn’t the truth.  

The truth is that the way I am to serve my husband and our offsprings AND the children of Zambia is to work.  My work so happens to involve little people.  Some people call it teaching.  

So, after much prayer and defiance on my part, we have decided that I, mom, will re-enter the world of public education and working full time.  That means the children will attend public school for the first time in their short lives.  

How do I feel about all of this?  Thanks for asking. 

To be honest, at first I was kind of just going along with the flow.  Then I was not too thrilled.  Then I went to Zambia and somehow left my heart there.  Makes it sorta difficult to do things like get excited to have a room full of little tykes.  I was okay with the original plan of the teaching position being part time. In fact, it was an IDEAL situation if you exclude the part about us leaving our precious private school.  Before we knew it, the position turned into a full time position that proposed a big question:  Could we make this work?  Can Momma really teach full time and support Dad in full time ministry? Would minor details such as eating, laundry, completing homework, etc. be tended to?  (Maybe those aren’t minor details.)  We were concerned.  

The husband and I knew changes were inevitable regarding my job and the children’s education.  After the husband lost his job in December, we were obviously open to going where we were called.  Thankfully, our home base for his new job/ministry is in the DFW area so a move was not necessary.  If you know anything about the DFW area (Dallas/Ft Worth) you are fully aware that it sprawls over many many miles (and traffic).  Once the husband started his new job, we found ourselves traveling many miles each day: he drove 34 miles to work in heavy traffic that takes him around an hour one way and I was driving 27 miles in the opposite direction with a van full of carpool kiddos.  The husband was getting home later, and  I was losing my mind.  In addition, my part-time teaching position felt like full-time and we had to complete 15 hours of required parent partner hours (volunteer) up at the school. Remember that the school is 27 miles from our home?!!?!  The older two children wanted to play sports, have friends over, and just be more involved with the school and their friends.  It wasn’t going to happen.  The time spent in the car was killing us.  

One other issue that led to the public school system was insurance, or the lack thereof.  Working for a non-profit organization, esp one that LONGS to meet the needs of so many orphans, does not provide a perfect financial situation.  BUT we can’t complain.  The Lord has already blessed us beyond our expectations (oh, we of little faith), and we feel very confident in the organization and the leader.   But we must still support our family and provide for these children we call our own.  

So, after some struggling (maybe wailing and gnashing of teeth), I signed that paper called a contract last week and have committed to teaching a PPCD (preschool program for children with disabilities) and pre-k.  

My conclusion after this roller coaster ride is that serving the Lord does not always look exactly like we predict OR desire.  Also, the way the Lord provides is not particularly our specific choice either.  Yes, I would love to freely be able to do whatever it takes to serve the orphans of Zambia and still have time to give it all in being mom to my three sweet blessings.  I am viewing the job turning into full time as a way to give our ministry a boost while we are raising support for my husband’s salary.  He LOVES what he does.  I know it sometimes grieves him that I have to do something I would rather not do.  True, I have thought that I got the bad end of this ministry deal but as I release my previous expectations (to be back in the home full time and available to help more in the ministry), the Lord is giving me peace about serving in this manner.  

The cool thing?  

I am ministering to three groups of children!   

1. the precious children of Zambia

2.  our very own kiddos

3. a room full of wee ones that will call me teacher

I am blessed.



  1. Posted July 5, 2009 at 6:27 pm | Permalink

    Wow! I felt like that was a lot of info (from one who only knows you from your blog!)

    I think you are right – it’s gonna be great!! God’s will usually is once we adjust to what the heck he is doing! 😉 I pray that your teaching will feel more and more like your purpose in itself and not only a means to an end. And that you will figure out all that other stuff super quickly!

    Have you read any of Emilie Barnes’ books? They may inspire you and give you some great ideas for making the homefront work smoothly. My favorites are Creative Home Organizer and Survival for Busy Women.

    Hope your blog won’t be TOO neglected!! 😉

  2. sincerelyanna
    Posted July 5, 2009 at 7:37 pm | Permalink

    God has clearly marked this path for you for some time! (remember oh, MARYLAND??) I’m excited for you and I KNOW the gifts the Lord has blessed you with. You will be the support your husband, family, and students need and so much more because you do it all in love. Congratulations on this new adventure!

  3. Posted July 5, 2009 at 10:48 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for sharing your heart with us once again. May the Lord bless and guide you in your new endeavor.

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