Our Fourth of July

My heart might have been left in Zambia, but I am certainly proud to be an American!



Here we are at the Park Cities Fourth of July parade.  I know it is a terrible picture of Little Miss (she looks as if she is in great misery) but I thought it was so cute of the rest of us. 


The Watermelon eating contest!  The children LOVE this annual event at the little “party” in the park following the parade.  Little Miss is concentrating.  She declared that she was going to win and WOULD NOT stop until she did so.  The third time was the charm!  The Lad thinks competition of any sorts is way cool.  He was ALL into it.  And the watermelon was certainly all over our children! 




The Lad with cousin, D.  D adores our children.  He is always wanting to come to Dallas to see cousins.  We adore that little guy as well.  

After the parade and some time sweating at the park festivities, we headed back to my in laws for down time with the family.  We ate a casual yet very yummy lunch.  We just hung around the house desperately trying to cool off.  A few folks snoozed (only the male population did so) and then we headed out to Spring Creek Barbeque to meet extended family.  We then drove to Highland Park Village to steal a glimpse of Dallas Country Club’s fireworks. 



Aunt Beth has tons of cool games of on her Iphone.  My kids are now begging me to get one.  Thanks, Aunt Beth!!!  Now if they could only convince Daddy that I need one………….


Waiting for the fireworks to begin.


Intensely watching the show.


This is what the Lad thought of the noise.  He told me, “This is cool and all, but you know, the noise.”  Cousin D didn’t last too long.  He preferred participating in the event from the inside of the car. 

I hope you all had a fabulous fourth.  Every time I leave the country, I return with an even stronger love and appreciation for my American heritage.  We (America) might not be perfect but we TRULY have so many opportunities and privileges that many parts of the world can’t even imagine.  A statement from a Russian friend rings loudly in my ears every time I try to compare my country with others:  “Life in Russia is very, very hard but life in America is complicated.”  And I think that individually we make our lives so very complicated because of our freedom of choice.   Having freedom doesn’t necessarily make our lives better.  Using that freedom wisely does.  In America we have the freedom to celebrate life and worship the One who created it.  We are very, very blessed.


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  1. Siv
    Posted July 10, 2009 at 10:58 pm | Permalink

    Glad I could share my iPhone. 🙂 We had so much fun last weekend…can’t wait for the mountains.

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