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We are on our annual trip to Taos Ski Valley in New Mexico with the husband’s family.  The cooler weather has been extremely refreshing as well as the time with our family. 

But where have I been the past week or two?  Well, enjoying a few lazy days of summer.  Okay, I confess.  I have also been spending quite a bit of time getting ready for the school year.  I am amazed at how much time I have had to put into the classroom.  Now I am on to doing things like lesson plans, ordering materials and just figuring out exactly what the heck I will be doing all day with a batch (actually two groups) of preschoolers five days a week.  This class is TOTALLY new to the district so I have the blessed privilege of organizing it all.  A big chore, but along with starting up comes fun things like ordering a zillion things of my choice.  Always fun spending other folk’s money!  

The two older kiddos attended church camp last week.  Yes, that was a very last minute decision.  Sending them to camp was most certainly a good idea.  Shortly after I had fetched them from the church, I asked the Lad what he wanted for his birthday (that happens to be this Thursday).  I started to name a few Wii games but he looked at me with a guilty face and said, ” Well, mom, I am kinda, you know, kinda in the Bible now.  I need some help with finding things.  I need a Bible with those tab things and a book that tells me where to go.” Took me a while to figure out exactly what he wanted.  My soon to be 11 year old (gulp, did I just type that?)  wants a concordance!!!!!!   My heart jumped!!!  

The next day we were packing for the mountains and Pumpkin declared that she must take her Bible so she could have her Quiet time daily.  

So……last minute plans can turn out to be some of your best ones of all! 

Oh!  I have done many more things but I will save that for another day because I am ready to go to bed.   All this vacationing has made me tired.  Maybe it is all the food I am eating…….


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  1. Johanna
    Posted July 29, 2009 at 11:38 am | Permalink

    Your children a very amazing!!! You should be proud too as a parent. They aren’t just making these choices for themselves because they go to last minute church camp, they see you and Andrew living this out on a daily basis. You guys are amazing

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