Monthly Archives: August 2009

I survived

I have a few accomplishments over the past few months that I am proud of.  Surviving 3 weeks (at the end of the school year) without my hubby.  Spending TWENTY  hours on a plane with three children on our way to Zambia, Africa. But I must confess that I am most proud of surviving my […]

First Day

The first day of school was a success!  Despite Mom being exhausted (waking up early, teaching two dozen preschoolers all day and THEN sitting for an hour in the brutal Texas sun doing carpool duty might have something to do with that), the kids all had a good experience on their first day.  Little Miss […]

Just a few photos

I am devoting this evening to my family so I have very little time to post.  I have been VERY VERY busy preparing for work and pray that this weariness will not continue.   I have to continually remind myself that this is just the first of the school year and this too shall pass all too […]

Apparently I forgot

I like to think that I vividly remember the birth of all my children, esp. my firstborn.  I remember the names of the nurses, what I packed in the suitcase, and of course every detail of that 32 hour ordeal.  I also remember thinking, “Maybe I don’t want to do this after all.”  All the […]

Has it really been that long?

So maybe I lost track of these last few days of summer.  Funny how you think you have all the time in the world.  SOOOOOO much has been going on the past few weeks.  Good stuff.  It seems like I am cramming so many things in before starting work.  Where to begin?  On Thursday, July […]