Apparently I forgot

I like to think that I vividly remember the birth of all my children, esp. my firstborn.  I remember the names of the nurses, what I packed in the suitcase, and of course every detail of that 32 hour ordeal.  I also remember thinking, “Maybe I don’t want to do this after all.”  All the doubts caused by the waves of pain (yes, I did it all naturally), miraculously vanished the moment that 8 pound bundle was placed in my arms.  

15 months later, there I was, at the same exact hospital with the same nurse, thinking the same thing, “I change my mind!  I don’t like this part of it.”  

I apparently forgot the pain b/c when the lad was 6 months old, I became pregnant once again and all I could think of was the beautiful baby who would join our family.  I didn’t focus on the pain of childbirth, just the beauty of what comes after.  

All this came to my mind during my Special Education team meeting yesterday.  I have been so excited about getting back into special education again and teaching the wee ones (preschool special ed) that I forgot the tedious aspect of it called PAPERWORK.  As I sat during the meeting, my head started pounding.  The acronyms.  Oh the many many codes, rules, and regulations.  I started wondering, “WHAT ON EARTH HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO!?!?! ”  But of course once my head started to feel half way normal again and I dropped into my little preschool room, I realized why I am indeed going through this again.  I love the littles (the nickname for my 3-4 year old students).  I love teaching.  I love seeing each child meet his/her potential, even though it doesn’t look the same for each kiddo.  

You know, just like after I held that first ( and second and third) child in my arms after birth, I realized that I would soon forget the headache of my labor called teaching and consider it a joy!


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  1. sincerelyanna
    Posted August 12, 2009 at 10:14 pm | Permalink

    Since I have worked with a few special education teachers (OT and speech, anyway) I can say without a doubt that it’s a high calling for truly gifted teachers. I know for certain you have that calling AND have the gift of teaching. I wish you lots of great days ahead in this new school year…and a clear memory for all the acronyms too!

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