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I am devoting this evening to my family so I have very little time to post.  I have been VERY VERY busy preparing for work and pray that this weariness will not continue.   I have to continually remind myself that this is just the first of the school year and this too shall pass all too quickly.  I hope so.  Oh I hope so. 

I was kidnapped this weekend by my sweet, sweet friend who somehow knew just what I needed.  Don’t you love friends like that?!?!  We attended the Women of Faith Conference here in Dallas and even stayed in a hotel downtown. 


I am a little late in posting these pictures from Sky Ranch!  We were so happy to fetch the kiddos last weekend from “an incredible week of camp” (so I was told):


I missed this gal!!!!!!!


Pumpkin with her wonderful counselors.  Little Miss had to be in the photo as well!  Our Pumpkin received “The Smartie” award b/c of her strong knowledge of God’s Word.  I am one proud Momma!


The Lad and two of his four counselors.  We were so proud of him receiving the “Most Genuine” award.  He really is a great kid who is fine and dandy with who God has created him to be.  Wish I was more like him.  Maybe not so goofy!  🙂


It was good to be back with our kiddos!

This semester we are making a HUGE transition from a dear private school to a public school.  We feel absolutely at peace about this decision but certainly have a few jitters about the big change.  We will miss so many friends from our old school!  On Thursday we had “Meet the Teacher Night” at school.  I was in my classroom being, well, a teacher so the husband took the three kids around to their classes.  I sent the camera with my man and this is all I got……


He must have been shooting for “quality” and not “quantity”.  🙂


Before our summer came to an end we were able to squeeze one more fun family outing with a trip to Hawaiian Falls water park with our church family.  These are my precious twin nephews with their Auntie.  I love these little guys!

Tonight we had a MUCH needed family night.  We took the kids to a local park where Pumpkin decided to release her butterfly that she had caught at Nana and Papa’s house.  The delight on her face as the critter experienced liberty was priceless.  I love our gal’s gentle spirit and love for nature.  As Daddy and the other two kiddos played “Tickle Monster” on the playground, Pumpkin and I spent a long time exploring the pond.  We counted over 50 ducklings!  Precious one-on-one time.  I am DETERMINED to do these little things with each child individually throughout this year.  I will NOT let working full time hinder me from being a one-on-one mom!!!!!!!!




I LOVE MY FAMILY!  I am very very blessed.  We took the kiddos for an ice cream treat after fun at the park.  An older woman caught my attention as I walked by and asked, “Is that your family?”  I happily replied, “YES, I am so very blessed!”  She told me that I had an extremely beautiful family.  I quickly agreed.



  1. sheli
    Posted August 23, 2009 at 11:55 am | Permalink

    I have always admired your family for making the most of your time together.
    May God continue to bless you in your new adventure this year!

  2. Posted August 23, 2009 at 11:03 pm | Permalink

    Wow – it sounds like you guys had an incredibly full summer! Hope all is going well with prep for the new school year!

    We are in Oregon – our plans for Zimbabwe were canceled by the current director at the orphanage at the last moment with no explanation. We have our suspicions, but it was very frustrating. And nothing else we checked into turned out. So we are settling into life here for now; in fact I have a job interview tomorrow, as much as I wish I could stay home full time with Esme.

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