I survived

I have a few accomplishments over the past few months that I am proud of. 

Surviving 3 weeks (at the end of the school year) without my hubby. 

Spending TWENTY  hours on a plane with three children on our way to Zambia, Africa.

But I must confess that I am most proud of surviving my first week of being a full time working mother. 

Oh Mylanta!  Not only have I survived working but I have survived spending 7 hours with the “Littles” aka preschoolers. 

I am tired. 

I said I survived, not flourished. 

Actually, it has gone well.  We have all adjusted amazingly well.  Our son said everybody is  nicer than at our old school.  That my friends, is a HUGE compliment because we thought folks at our little private school all hung the moon. 

The Lord does indeed give us grace.  I struggle to accept it.  I tend to lean towards the pouting side.  But my God is a mighty God and is full of grace and mercy. I am thankful that HE has given me the strength to carry on.  I am even more grateful for the positive attitude He is instilling in me.  As you know, me working full time WAS NOT in MY plans but I am very happy and feel content where the Lord has me. 

I am so content that I decided to give up some  sleep and  begin working out at 5:45 am starting tomorrow.

I will get back with you about that positive attitude tomorrow night.


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