Monthly Archives: September 2009

A few photos (a post late)

Little Miss turned seven on September 6.  Here are a few photos from her special day.  Daddy has a tradition of taking each birthday child to the donut store.  This year Little Miss’ birthday fell on a Sunday so after fetching donuts, Daddy and daughter ate donuts and  played at the park before church.  Our […]

Geez Louise

I just realized that it has been over two weeks (or more) since I last posted. I failed to do a b-day post for our sweet Little Miss who turned SEVEN on Sept. 6.  Oh me oh my how can that be?!?!?! I also failed to throw her a party. I don’t even know where […]

Our new mascot (a.k.a. our new school)

We are very very very pleased with our new school.  So much about the whole experience this far has so overcome our expectations.  The husband and I feel that we are ALL at home.  It is like we have finally landed on home turf.  It seems like we have always been a part of this […]

Oh how I loved my time in Zambia

Just thinking about our time in Zambia……. Watch this video and get excited about what the Lord has done this past year AND what HE will do next year.  Wanna come?  Come on!!!!