October! Really?

According to the calendar it is now October.  Yikes!  School has been in session for six weeks now and we are all getting into some sort of a routine.  Well, then we had a little sickness floating around here.  A lot of flu going around at our school but I am not certain if that is what Little Miss had or not.  She is finally fever free so we went ahead with our plan to travel to Houston this weekend to visit the husband’s sister and family.  

The best news for now is that Monday is Fair Day so this momma won’t be going near the school that day.  It is a much needed break.  

Not a lot to report so I will share a few words out of the mouths of my babes (at school).  

As I was opening a plastic package with my mouth, one of my four year olds caught a glimpse of my actions and said, “Mrs. K, you are setting a bad example for us!” 

We sing a song entitled, “Tidy Up” while we clean centers every day.  One little gal sings “Tie me up, tie me up, put me all away.”   The songs goes:  “Tidy up, tidy up.  Put your things away.”  I sure hope the mother knows that we are certainly not tying up children!  

The five year old sister of one of my 3 year olds had a great explanation for why her sister has the cutest and most defined dimples I have ever seen.  She said, “It is because my Grandpa had dimples but she never met him so she got his dimples but I met him so I don’t have dimples.”  

One day last week (during my lunch/conference break) just before reading an email from my husband, I had walked by the bathroom and noticed my principal (my boss) in the boys’ bathroom wiping one of my student’s rear ends.  The email read:  “I am having a great day.  Greer [his boss] treated us all to Starbucks.  I love working here.”  My reply was:  “That is great. I have a super boss too but she shows support and gives encouragement by wiping the rear ends of three year olds! ”  He replied , “If receiving fancy coffee is based on merit, then there should be a Starbucks in the school lobby. ”  I told my principal and she agreed with a chuckle. 

Last week I had a little guy cut his hair and eat glue.  You just never know in Pre-K!

Well, that is about all I have been up to.  Still getting up at 5:15 am to head to the gym.  This week, however, I have not made it too often due to a sick kiddo up many times in the middle of the night.  Last weekend I attended a Scrapbooking retreat.  It was fun but the following week was challenging after not being home to do laundry, grocery shopping, etc.  BUT the husband did so many of my weekend chores.  He is a gem!  

We are in Houston right now so hopefully I will post pics of cousin time.

Happy October!


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