Just sitting around

I can’t believe I just wrote that.  I can’t believe that is true.  And I most certainly can’t believe I admitted it!  

We have had an absolutely wonderful weekend.  Doing what?

Sitting around!  

Typically that sounds like a death sentence to me but for some reason it has been heavenly this weekend.  The Lad has run a fever for the past two days so that has sorta tied one of us down to the house all weekend.  The husband and I have been taking turns.  I am still trying to figure out how he got to go to “Date Night” last night without me.  🙂

I took the girls to church this morning and the husband just left to attend our 4:30 service.  Alone.  I don’t like us doing things alone.  At least we are tag teaming it and able to do a few things while we have a sick kiddo.  Have I mentioned that I am married to the most fabulous man ever?!!?!  I am. 

I am thankful for this restful weekend.  I started to think about my week a bit earlier today and realized that maybe two days of lounging around is not enough to tackle it all  Tomorrow night is the Lad’s band performance.  That should be interesting!  The 5th graders are in a nine week electives rotation and the Lad has had band first.  Nine weeks of band means that each child plays each instrument (flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone) for approximately 2 1/2 weeks.  We are one of the sets of parents that get the honor to listen to that noise music.  I am taking the camera regardless……

One reason the upcoming week is jammed packed is due to the fact that we (the whole fam) are going out of town with the husband’s office on Thursday morning  It is a staff retreat in Branson, Mo.  We ADORE the other folks in my husband’s ministry so I am certain we will have a  fantastic time.  The last time most of us were all together was in Zambia, busy busy working.  Yes, I am taking the kids out of school for two days AND I am taking two personal days in a row.  My principal made it seem like it was no big deal so there you go.  I went for it.  Of course getting a sub lined up and lesson plans in order is another story.  

Well, I best make sure Pumpkin’s Salt Map Project is completed and then help the Lad with his History Timeline.  Hey ! I thought I was done with homework.  Oh ! Wait.  I am not.  I have to take a Sexual Harassment course online tonight.  I am only 10 days overdue in doing so.  Oh well!  

Happy Sunday.  

At least the Cowboys won and Miles Austin can’t stop smiling.

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