October 31

LOVE this date.  My affection for this last day of October has not always been as such.  It started about………….well, about ten years, 11 hours and 16 minutes ago.  Now, when the calendar reads October 31, I do  not respond as most Americans do.  I do indeed celebrate but I celebrate a life.  The life of this sweet sweet Pumpkin! 



Ten.  Really?  She informed me tonight as I kissed her soft cheek that she is now double digits.  Her older brother (15 months her elder) added that he too was double digits.  Darn! 

So, on this day since 1999, our plans have been guided by the desires of our Pumpkin gal.  Today after meeting Nana and Papa for breakfast at Cracker Barrel (her favorite place), we decided to join Nana at the Dallas Arboretum.  What a great time.  We did not stay long b/c evidently everybody else decided to take a break from building their ark and enjoy the sunshine and 67 degree weather.  Glorious!  Have I mentioned that it has rained about 24 out of the last 31 days this month?  We also had to move on to more b-day fun.  We had lunch with Gran, Grandaddy, Uncle Lynn, and Aunt Ella Jane (who came in from Amarillo for the weekend).  Then we girls went shopping and found some goodies at Gap Kids.  On the way home, we stopped by our new Super Target and did the weekly grocery shopping run, then headed home only to leave again for our church’s Trunk or Treat. 

Here are a few pics from our day at the Arboretum.






The husband and I had not planned out the details of our evening so when the Pumpkin decided that wanted to go to Trunk or Treat, we had a costume issue.  Times three!  The children were a bit frustrated that we had not provided them with costumes (not that we have ever bought them costumes in the past………they have never been Trick or Treating) but I was soooooooooo proud of how they pulled together something fun to wear. 

The birthday girl was a  nerd.  Too funny.  She played the part so well! 


The Lad was a megahero.  He wore a superhero cape, a knight’s breastplate, and an Indian vest.  We felt very protected and secure in his presence.


And Little Miss?  Well, she went as . . . (what else?)


After a full day of celebrating a birthday AND a holiday, we are thankful that we get an extra hour of sleep tonight!  We look forward tomorrow to worshipping the One who gave us our Pumpkin – the best Halloween treat ever!



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