catching up

My memory card is full so I guess it is time to share some pictures. 

Last weekend, we had a little family party for Pumpkin.  Grandaddy and the Lad enjoyed some Fall Football outside.


Our pumpkin spending some sweet time with Aunt EJ-who came in town from Amarillo.


This is Great Grandmother and Pumpkin.  Isn’t she a lovely lady!?!?!  ! May my girls look like that side of the family!!!



Last Sunday we had the husband’s boss’ family over for a little double b-day celebration.  This is Pumpkin and Kaleigh.  There are only 18 hours difference in their age.  How fun !   Can’t you just imagine the fun these two have together in Africa.  Instant playmates! 



Last Monday I drove down to Austin for an educational conference.  This is a photo of me with two fellow teachers (kindergarten) and the speaker, Dr. Jean.  It was a lot of fun and I have already implemented so much of what I learned in my classroom!


We finally had Pumpkin’s friend party this weekend.  We found a sweet little pottery painting place for ten little girls to enjoy.



Pumpkin was allowed to invite (quietly) three friends to spend the night.  She chose her beloved friend from our old school (who lives a bit away), Kaleigh (our Africa buddy who lives on the other side of Dallas) and one of her new school friends.  The girls did GREAT!


And because they had us up at the crack of dawn, we put them to work. 






Then on Saturday evening, we attended our school’s PTA carnival.  It was crazy  but the kids certainly enjoyed it. 





Happy new week.  I am late for school so I best scoot NOW. 

Oh!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my great ELEVEN year old niece today.  We love you Jordan!



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  1. Johanna
    Posted November 12, 2009 at 11:53 am | Permalink

    I love how you call it “putting the kids to work” and they think of it as “time to play in the leaves!” Thanks for sharing the pictures. We miss you guys!

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