It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

A lot of things going on around here lately.  Somehow we are keeping up our normal schedule AND having extra fun celebrating Christmas.  Yes, it has been crazy but I am really trying to enjoy  my family and making memories with them.  

Making a gingerbread house with the girlies…


My new Christmas hairdo…

We took two of the kiddos (Pumpkin was at a slumber party) to the big children’s Christmas parade downtown last Saturday.  It was a bit nippy but we had a grand time.  The highlight was seeing actress Selena Gomez.  🙂 

After the parade we met up with the husband’s family for lunch.  We found Santa in Preston Center and took a few pictures of the kids.  

Pumpkin’s honor choir performed at Northpark mall on Tuesday.  I took the entire day off to watch her and of course enjoy a bit of shopping and lunch with a dear friend.  Gran and Grandaddy came to watch and eat lunch with our little singer. 

I surprised the kids (and Daddy) with Christmas goodies on Tuesday night.  I had milk and gingerbread cookies out on the dining room table when they came home from a trip to the grocery store.  They were thrilled! 

Pumpkin had her 3rd/4th grade choir program tonight.  She had a solo and did SENSATIONAL.  I really am impressed with her talent.  She has a sweet sweet voice.  I cannot claim that she inherited my genes in that department!

I hope you are having a rich and memorable holiday season.  My prayer for our family -and yours- is that we will focus on the true meaning of Jesus’ birth.


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