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Happy New Year!

The husband and I had an ABSOLUTELY incredible time alone on our anniversary.  I do believe that we were in desperate need of quiet time sans kiddos.  We experienced an amazing meal at Old Hickory (at the Gaylord Texan) and shared in sweet conversation.  I can’t recall a time when our conversation was sweeter.  Truly a priceless gift.

I must confess that typically the husband and I stumble to start up dynamic converstion when we are alone.  If we do have a quick time of connecting, it pertains to the children or money.  We seem to always have a lot to talk about on those subjects.  I was hoping to avoid our normal topics and connect on a deeper and stronger level.  Hmmmmmmm…….so how does a couple accomplish that?

Well, as we were seated in a lovely dining room, I felt like the Lord telling me to ask about 13 things.  What?  13?  Oh!  I got it.  13 years of marriage so we shall talk about 13 things.  Not knowing how this would flow, I took a shot at it and I apparently had perfect aim.  We sat there for almost 3 hours with plenty of words (and heart) to share.  I LOVED it.

Each of us came up with our own list of memories that stick out the most from our years as Mr. and Mrs.  I will spare you the complete list but here is a summary:

We named obvious things like the births of our children (esp. that first life-changing one), moves, job changes, etc. I was stunned that the husband mentioned several small things such as surprising little date nights, little notes, etc.  The majority of our favorite memories didn’t cost a lot of money (well, the children were costly) but they did require some time and effort.

It struck me that time and effort are a BIG part of what build strong relationships (husband and wife, parent and child, etc.).  The things that have stuck in our minds and hearts are not the high dollar items (although the dinner we were enjoying at that time definitely qualifies and will surely be included on future lists).

Not only do the “little” things make a strong impact on our family but we also realized that most of the “big” events in our lives such as job changes only make us stronger.  The things we recall that were super joyous proved to provide challenges too.  The events that were initally challenging turned into blessing upon blessing.

Just for fun, here is a sample of the list:

1. Birth of our first child

2. Moving to Maryland 8 days post wedding

3.  The husband jobless for 2 years – and we had two babies in 15 months during that time

4.  The Twelve Days of Christmas

5.  Trip to Disney World

6.  Our ten year anniversary

7.  Our little house

8.  Basement living

9.  Care Group in Maryland

10.  Crawling into bed with each other nightly

11.  The husband’s 27th b-day.  Apparently my efforts to make his day extra special were well received.

12.  This time last year (no prospect of a job AGAIN)

13.  My going back to teaching full time

14.  My 9 years of being a stay-at-home mom raising our babies

15.  The years we were dirt poor and had nothing to give each other -we got VERY creative!

16.  Little notes randomly left for each other

I could go on……….but you get the point.

Picture of the husband in our suite at the hotel…

The husband actually takes pictures now.  Our new camera rocks but one thing it has produced is pictures of ME.  In the past, I have always been behind the camera but now the husband is exploring the many features of our new Canon Rebel.  This was taken at our breakfast our first morning at the hotel.

After breakfast we went to the ice sculpture exhibit featuring the Grinch.  I think they said the temperature inside was 9 degrees.  Aren’t we so cute all bundled up?

Now I am looking forward to 13 more years with my man!  (And 13 more . . . and 13 more . . .and 13 more . . . . . .)


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  1. sincerelyanna
    Posted January 1, 2010 at 4:58 pm | Permalink

    What a special anniversary! So glad you went away and had such a nice dinner and sweet conversation. I love #9 on your list!!

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