So behind

I am obviously waaaaaaaay behind on my blogging.  So much for keeping up with it in the new year.  

That is okay.  I made a few other pacts with myself and have been putting more effort into those than blogging (obviously).  

Where, oh where do I begin?  

Let us start here: 

New Year’s Eve

Yummy fondue with two of the kiddos (Pumpkin was invited to her very first overnight New Year’s Eve party).   We decided to lay low this year and stay home and not invite others over.  The children enjoyed all three courses of fondue, esp the chocolate/peanut butter dessert!  

Made you laugh?  Pumpkin received a Spa book for Christmas.  Apparently, she has been reading it and putting some of the info into practice.  

Fall comes in January here in Texas!  My folks always have great piles of leaves in the new year and the children enjoy playing and posing in them. 

Last weekend I treated myself to a weekend of scrapbooking.  Got quite a bit completed on my 2009 family scrapbook but also invested some of the time in just chilling out.  The week before the retreat was a brutal week (the worst I have had this year) so I was pleased as punch to do something I wanted to do (although I missed my family).  

We finally signed the girlies up for gymnastics.  They were tickled!!!  

Pumpkin is thrilled to be taking gymnastics with her new buddy, Madi.  

My beautiful daughters ready for the dance with their daddy last night.

Oh my!  They make my heart smile. 

What else has been going on that is not in pictures?

I committed (with a friend) to read through the Bible this year.  So far so good.  I am actually at the point of craving my time in The Word. That fact just THRILLS me.  I must confess that the book of Job got a little long but I persevered through it!  🙂 My sweet friend directed me to a blog that is leading us gals though our daily reading.  I LOVE it.  We are reading through The Chronological Bible.  My only issue so far is that I am reading the NIV version and Wendy (the gal who is blogging) is using another translation.  Apparently the folks who arranged the NIV thought the life of Job was plopped in the middle of Genesis so we have not been reading the same thing.  Oh well.  We will get back on the same track very soon. 

Visions of Zambia are dancing in our heads this time of year.  I know, I know…we don’t go until May, but we are currently preparing to send two ocean containers to Zambia this week in time to arrive for camp this summer.  I will post more about that soon!

So that is the scoop on the recent happenings at the Knight household.  Stay tuned for more info!  (Hopefully soon. 🙂 )


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  1. EJ
    Posted January 26, 2010 at 7:46 pm | Permalink

    So glad to hear – and see!! – what has been going on. Love the pics of the girls in their special dance dresses. Glad the scrapbook weekend was fun – you were certainly ready for something out of the routine!

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