A purpose

My teaching job is a calling but it is also labeled a “job” for obvious reasons.  It provides insurance, pays the bills, puts our kids in a good school district, etc. in return for me to carry out tasks that I have accepted and agreed to complete. 

As everyone fully knows, a job can simply be just that.  A JOB.  WORK.  I am proud to admit that most of the time, my job as teacher truly feels like a calling, a pastime, fun, and not just a job.  I will also confess that there are moments (or days) that I go ONLY because I committed to it.  It is my job. Honestly, once I get to school and get in the groove, I am quite content and feel blessed to have this calling.  Lately, it seems like my thoughts of thinking that I am doing this only to help my husband fulfill his calling into the ministry have transformed into the fact that teaching my littles is what I am called to do.  The means in which the Lord placed me back into teaching full-time in a public school did indeed revolve around the fact that we needed an income (the husband is on full-time support which means we depend on others’ donations to pay him).  

I was reminded ever so gently on Friday that my job as a pre-k teacher (both special education and general education) is not only a job AND a calling but also a purpose.  As I gear up to accept another special needs kiddo into my classroom and arms tomorrow morning, I have caught myself wholeheartedly believing that over the weekend.  True, this new little tyke will be a HUGE challenge but there is a purpose for him in my life (and my classroom). 

Definition of purpose:   intention, resolution, determination

I have a true intention to meet the needs of this little guy and the 23 other littles placed in my care.  I am determined to love them, nurture them, teach them, and cheer them on as they develop into the humans they are called to be.  That is my purpose.  True, I have other purposes outside that school, but as I prepare to face this new challenge,  it has warmed my heart and given me strength to know that I am where I need to be and that the new little guy is entering a new environment and purpose tomorrow morning at 8:00am.  

But I am still coveting your prayers that God’s purpose for my life would continue to be revealed to me and I will be obedient to follow. That there, my friends, is the biggest purpose in all my life.

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