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I haven’t blogged much lately so I thought I would catch up on a few happenings here at the Knightly Manor.

Superbowl Sunday:

We really did not have plans for the big game – much to our son’s dismay.  He was thrilled when my brother’s family ended up coming over.  It was chaos (my brother has FIVE kids – two are two years old) but we never never have them over so it was a treat.  My son was happy with the outcome of the game as well.

This is Little Miss just being Little Miss…..

And her brother and sister digressing into her world.

The husband has been a little busy this time of year with “The Containers.”  I have mentioned how the ministry is sending four containers over to Zambia full of ministry supplies, food for the Americans, etc, etc.  The husband has been working hard the past two Saturdays (and all the days in between) to sort, pack, shrink wrap, and load many, many items.  Three containers are now somewhere between here and there!  🙂  I know, I am way too specific.

Here is a pic of Josh (our IT guy), Greer (the boss man), and the husband.

Partly loaded container…

I snapped this photo as I was leaving the warehouse.  I will see you in Zambia, oh container.  Well, actually the husband will have the privilege of not only loading you, but also unloading you!

I took this photo because Little Miss was just being so stink’n cute selling her stuffed animals to us.  She was adamant that we each own about a dozen animals.

Can you believe that last Thursday was the 100th day of school?!?!?!?!  First graders dress up like 100 year olds.  I convinced Little Miss to let me put baby powder in her hair.  I think she looked very cute but she needed glasses and a cane.

Happy week, y’all.


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