All Full

*Note* I wrote this over the weekend and am just now getting around to posting this.  

The first thing that came to mind when I wrote this title was how much I like to eat.  For shame.  For shame. 

I have spent the afternoon sitting by the hotel pool listening watching the children and husband swim.  I have greatly enjoyed the time on the laptop perusing blogs that I have not read in ages.  I visited this blog and got the idea to do this “All Full” thingy.   Funny that I came across this b/c as I have been sitting here this afternoon, I couldn’t quite pinpoint what to write.  I knew it had something to do with joy, being content, etc.  That has seemed to be my song lately (and for that I am so grateful) but I know folks can tire of it.  


Here are a few things that I have found worth spending my time on because they fill me up, enrich my life to make me better and ultimately serve my Lord with a happy heart. 

*Reading the Word of God.  I could not say that just 3 months ago.  My heart is so full with God’s word although not too sure what my heart feels when I read through names that I can’t even pronounce.  

*Working out.  I have not mentioned my commitment, or lack thereof, to this endeavor for several reasons.  I have discovered that when I do indeed take care of myself in this manner, my entire being seems to be a little better balanced.  5:30 in the morning is a bit on the wicked side but I tend to walk into school with a spring in my step and a song on my lips.  

*Listening to my children.  I must confess that one thing I do hate is my children making a lot of noise. Yes, I teach pre-k so you would think I was immune to noise.  But I am NOT.  I can’t stand the loud voices and bickering of my children after school.  Working on that…… But what I have realized is that taking a few minutes with each of them to truly listen to them or watch them do 29 cartwheels through the living room makes me connect with them and creates a happier environment for all.  This is a work in progress for me.  I often find myself nodding my head and saying, “That’s great,” when one of my children (esp. my 11 year old son) is sharing something from his day that really and truly does not interest me.  I know, pitiful, but I am being honest.

*Making a home.  As I have shared a lot recently, this has been a big challenge for me now that I teach full time.  I love preparing healthy and homemade meals for the fam.  They esp. enjoy when I am in a baking mood and prepare all sorts of sweet treats.  I must say baking is my speciality.  If you saw my hips, you would agree.  

*Helping Others.  Once again, I have had to readjust how I do this due to working, but I so enjoy serving others.  It can be draining at times but instantly fills me up.  

*Sweet times with the husband.  I have noticed that just sitting on the couch reading next to him or having him sit at the kitchen table as I make lunches at night is a calming and sweet time.  Enjoying his presence definitely fills my heart with joy and love. 

*Time with friends. This is also limited these days.  I have noticed that I am soooooo very filled up after a brief deep talk with a dear friend.  I need that accountability, the laughter, and the companionship.  

*Reading.  If I can only find a balance with this one.  It seems to be either feast or famine. 

*Playing games with the fam.  FUN!

There are many, many others but these are the few that immediately popped into my head.  Of course, I love spending time with my extended family, traveling (esp. overseas), and enjoying yummy and peaceful meals at restaurants. 

I am thankful that I could never list all the blessings in my life.  My blog account could never hold that many words!



  1. Posted February 18, 2010 at 2:06 pm | Permalink

    just when I thought no one was looking (reading) – thanks for sharing your list – loved reading it (and thinking, “Oh, I should have put that on my list . . . and that . . . !)


  2. Posted February 20, 2010 at 8:40 pm | Permalink

    Loved your list and it sure made me smile… So good getting caught up with you again!

    Loved seeing pics of the kids in the snow. What wonderful memories for some Texas kids that will be talked about for a LONG time!

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