Well, I am actually not thinking at all.  

I was blessed with a lovely stomach bug over the weekend and can’t seem to get completely over it.  Uuuugh.  And double uugh.  Of course things have not been normal around here due to mom being a bit under the weather.  I am behind on my Bible reading and the laundry has somehow kept piling up.  Trying to pick up a little loss energy while teaching preschool full time is rather difficult.  Well, it is practically impossible.  The kids went home with my folks after school and I had planned on going to my aerobic class at the gym.  I started feeling puny again and with the encouragement from my friend (a.k.a. as my aerobic instructor), decided to go home alone.  ALONE.  Did you get that?  ALONE! 

I have a thousand things that should be accomplished while the house is kidless but I am determined to rest.  So here I sit watching Monk episodes and playing on the laptop.  The husband is fetching the kids from gymnastics and Nana’s house then taking them to grab Subway sandwiches for supper to give me a break.  They will be thrilled!  

I thought I had something to share but apparently I am rambling and rambling.  

Since I am on a roll, I might as well continue on with my ramblings.  

My new little guy in the morning class has definitely given me the run for my money.  I have the best principal in the world!  Once she realized how difficult it was for two of us to accomplish anything with two children who require non stop one on one attention, she arranged for another body to help out regularly.  It is still a big challenge and I am in the process of rearranging how I run things but things are definitely looking on the brighter side. 

It is pretty cold again and we saw a bit of snow today.  The temp was in the high 60’s a few days ago.  Gotta love the weather in Texas.  

I have a busy weekend ahead of us.  The Lad and I are attending our church’s Mother-Son Nerf night on Friday.  I have already received numerous lessons on how to hold, handle, and load the Nerf guns.  I am still curious to why he has the mega dart holder and has chosen to buy me a gun that only holds 7.  SEVEN as opposed to his 35 in one round!  He loves me but obviously has his priorities.

My Father’s birthday is on Friday so we (mom, bro, his wife, my hubby, etc) are taking him out for a nice steak dinner sans kids on Saturday night.

Sunday afternoon is Camp Life’s first team meeting for 2010.  I am sooooooo excited about the summer in Zambia.  We are counting down the days.  

I best get off of here and at least think about thinking.  Then again, maybe I will just sit here and enjoy this tranquility a wee bit longer.


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  1. Tiffany
    Posted February 24, 2010 at 10:40 pm | Permalink

    Oh, my sweet friend, how I love the musings of your heart! Hope you recover speedily so you can meet me at the gym at 5am on Friday! 🙂


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