Monthly Archives: March 2010

A Happy Day

I know that is not a fancy title but it pretty  much sums up my day.  Started off at the gyn at 6am  (a little later than normal).  A friend that I have not seen a lot of lately was at the gym and we did a cardio workout together.  Boy, time sure does fly […]

A week. Really?

Has it really been a week since I last posted?  Time is flying.   I have lots and lots of things up in my head but they are all mumbled jumbled.  Imagine that happening in my head!   I am on a reading kick again.  The trend started when I picked up my daughter’s new […]

oh me oh my

I say that silly little phrase for various reasons this morning. 1.  It is supposedly going to snow this evening.  It was 72 degrees and sunny the past few days.  This has truly been the most wacky of winters down here deep in the heart of Texas. 2.  Sitting in Panera Bread on this cold […]