A Happy Day

I know that is not a fancy title but it pretty  much sums up my day. 

Started off at the gyn at 6am  (a little later than normal).  A friend that I have not seen a lot of lately was at the gym and we did a cardio workout together.  Boy, time sure does fly by when you have a workout buddy.  What a joy that was early this morning.  

I reported for my first jury duty experience this morning.  Traffic was divine (for 7:30 am in the Big D).  I despise traffic.  DESPISE!!!!  Driving into downtown during rush hour was what I dreaded the most about jury duty.  What a blessing to not have to deal with that.  

When I walked into the Civil Court building, I caught a glimpse of a gal I met just last night at our Zambia Camp Life team meeting.  How fun it was to have somebody to sit next to and chat with while we waited for the jury process to get underway.   

I was juror number 89 so I was in the first group to be assigned to a court.  I grabbed my juror bag and headed up the elevators with about 60 other jurors.  I was one of the first ones to arrive at the door of our assigned court.  As I was entering, a lady came out and announced, “I have good news!”  Give me your juror badges and have a nice day.”  

That was 9:40am. 


The hardest thing about the day was deciding what to do with myself.  I hate to admit it but I was tempted to call up to the school and ask if I should come in.  I felt guilty having a day off -a day that did not count against my personal leave.  

Well, I got over it.  

I ran some errands then met a dear friend (another one I have not seen in AGES) for lunch.  How nice to chat with her.  We once got together ALL the time and now we never see each other.  UUUUGH.  The only downer was that I flat out forgot her birthday.  She even bought my lunch!!!  We were half way through lunch until I finally figured it out.  UUUGH!  Told you we have not seen each in a while.  

I even had the opportunity to drop by mom’s house and chat over a glass of iced tea.  

I rushed home to meet the garage door repairman at 2pm.  Amazing how fast that guy earned over $100.  

Now I am sitting on my couch ALONE in my house.  LOVE IT.  The kids were scheduled to ride the bus home to Nana and Papa’s house so I decided to hang low for a bit. I will fetch them shortly.  The pace of my day will certainly change drastically!  🙂 

I hope you have a happy happy day.


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  1. sincerelyanna
    Posted March 29, 2010 at 9:05 pm | Permalink

    Well that sounds like a GREAT day even with a few ugh’s.

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