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I started this post 5 days ago.  I am obviously not heavily committed to this thing I call my blog.  

So…..let us go back a wee bit.  My husband’s precious maternal grandmother passed away on Good Friday.  Good Friday!  What a day of rejoicing she had!  Her funeral was April 6.  I am always amazed how it takes a death to bring all family members together.  Although the reason for the gathering was not pleasant, we all seemed to be grateful to see each other.  

My husband is one of 8 cousins.  I grew up with NO cousins on both sides so I think having 7 cousins is fascinating.  

Here are the 8 cousins. 


I finally took the girlies for a pedicure two Saturdays ago.  It was a new experience for Little Miss.  She was so still during her massage.  Pumpkin and I asked the lady doing her nails if she would care to fly with us to Africa this summer….

A sweet little friend was baptized last weekend so our family went to support her and her family.  

I absolutely love our nightly reading time.  I enjoy the tranquility and the fact that the children relax and read.  

Last weekend the husband and I attended our school’s Education Foundation Gala.  The theme was Cirque de Sunnyvale so of course they asked the best juggler around to perform.  

Too bad his wife did not have matching attire…

I am so proud.  

I actually dressed up for the occasion, a rare occurrence.  

This is a pic of my parents.  I thought my mom looked stunning.  Oh!  I better comment on my dad too!  Don’t you think his hair looks great? 

On Sunday we met our Community Group at Babe’s restaurant.  We have quite a few kiddos among the 5 couples.  

On Sunday evening we joined other Family Legacy staff for a cookout.  It turned out to be an “eat in” affair due to the bad weather.  The guys were fascinated by our host’s sword collection.  The women folk were a bit uncomfortable with the guys “playing” with the sharp objects.  The funny thing is that blood was indeed drawn during the fun…….

And of course the victim was my dear husband!  The culprit?  A pineapple corer!  We Knights have no need for weapons such as swords.  We prefer pineapple corers neatly stacked in a sink to cut our skin.  That is just how we roll. 

Tonight I surprised my family by picking up a pizza and The Blind Side movie at the store.  We enjoyed a casual night at home and the kids loved it (so did mom and dad). We are counting down the weeks till the husband leaves for Zambia.  (Just over three weeks, to be exact.)  Although it is a busy time for us right now (and only getting busier), nights like tonight are great when we can kick back as a family and forget about the busyness for a while.

Remind me to do that again in another 2 1/2 weeks.


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