To do

Seems like we have a lot of that going on around here lately.  I am trying to turn those “to do” items into enjoyable moments.  I must confess that it is a challenge.  


What to do? 

Well, blogging was one of them but unfortunately has been way down on the priority list. 

Maybe I should make a list. I know, I know.  It just seems to go with the TO DO list topic. 

1.  Complet 23 digital scrapbooks by next Wednesday.  Yes, I KNOW that is 8 days away!!!!  I thought it was a grand idea to make individual books for each of my students.  IDEA being the key word.  If I would have started months ago, it would have turned out to be quite a keen idea.  3 down, 20 to go.  See, there is progress.  

2.  Recover from our Pre-K field trip to the zoo.  Making progress on that too!  Just took a bath and am planning to attack those 20 scrapbooks after kids hit the sack.  

3.  Catch up on my Bible reading

4.  Locate and/or buy trunks, suitcases, etc to pack our items for Africa.

5.  Spend quality time with the hubby.  He leaves in 11 days!!!  

6.  Purchase and wrap teacher appreciation gifts.

7.  Go on a field trip with The Lad tomorrow. 

8.  Leave plans for the sub while I am on the field trip tomorrow. 

9.  Write thank you notes for all the sweet gifts I have received SO FAR during Teacher Appreciation Week.

10.  Call the children’s pediatrician about getting Malaria meds for our time at Victoria Falls.  We do not take Malaria meds when we are just in Lusaka.  

11.  Make reservations for the Sofitel at London Heathrow airport.  

12.  Go to British Airways website and assign seats.  I heard a nasty rumor that they now charge for seat reservations.  Must check on that TONIGHT. 

13.  Prepare fun little happies to send with the husband.  

14.  Do birthday shopping for the Lad.  He will have his 12 birthday while we are in Zambia this summer.  NEVER planned this early for anybody’s b-day.  

15.  Make cookies for my principal.  She has pampered us this week and I discovered the main sweet item she enjoys is COOKIES. I am all over that!!!

16.  Buy more gifts for our Zambian partners.  

17.  Finalize meal/recipes for my cooking adventures in Zambia.  

18.  Listen to Little Miss read her take home reader.  She is actually snuggled up next to me right this second reading.  LOVE her snuggles!  

19.  Write a HUGE check for the kids PTA school supplies for next year.  It might cost a wee bit more but I will NOT have time when we return on August 3.  I will have a classroom to move and set back up!!!  

20.  Collect items for our Blessing Boxes to give to the kids at camp.  

21.  Fill out the health forms online for The Lad and Pumpkin for Sky Ranch. They will go to camp 5 days after our return from Africa.  

22.  Call The Lad’s ENT and ear surgeon to send records over to his doctor.  That darn ear is giving him fits AGAIN!  Need to make sure he is okay before putting him on a plane for 21 hours.  

23.  Make preparations for my class Mother’s Day Tea.  It will be sooooo fun.  This is my favorite event I have ever done.  I hope I can say that about doing it for pre-k.  There is something about mommies and their 4 and 5 year olds that make me smile!  

24.  Order several sets of contacts to take with me this summer. 

25.  Have the gal who is housesitting for us over for dinner and instructions. 

26.  Confirm and pay lawn guy to tend to our yard all summer. 

27.  Cancel my gym membership for the summer.  

28.  Plan menu for Mother’s Day supper.  We are having both our moms (and dads) and my bro’s fam over.  

29.  Make final packing list and figure out what else we need to buy for the summer. 

30.  FINISH cleaning up our back flower bed.  UUUUGH!  

31.  Complete and mail out our Mission Newsletter. 

Yikes!  Are you bored now?  

I guess the MAIN thing on my TO DO list is to keep a positive attitude and glorify God in the midst of this chaotic season.



  1. sincerelyanna
    Posted May 4, 2010 at 8:49 pm | Permalink

    Wow, wow, wow Cynthia! If I were there in person, I’d try to help you as much as I could with some of this! I say some of this stuff has to be delegated, friend! 20 digital books by next Wednesday?? How about a single digital picture card, would that be faster and cheaper than a book? The thought is extremely nice but GIRL!! You’re the best teacher in the whole world no matter what you do, I know you love those kids.

    Can’t believe Andrew leaves so soon – praying for his trip and for yours as well!

  2. Posted May 4, 2010 at 9:19 pm | Permalink

    I am not bored…I’m worn slap out! I thought I was busy! Praying for you as you work through the list.

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